30 April 2010

School ...

Had a quite nice n fun day today ... ^^
Hmm ... Let's see ...

As usual ... text book, copy notes ...
Nothing special to mention ... XP

Was feeling a lil uncomfortable that time ...
So I told Alison to tell our teacher that if she ask say that I'm having headache n I wanna sleep ...
And I juz slept for the whole Maths lesson ... XDD

Not going to the field again ...
Teacher wanna do our project so we went to the physics lab ...
Mmm ... The fan there is real big ... So nice to sleep there ~ X3
LOL. I didn't fall asleep there la ... XP

My fav lesson wit my fav teacher ~
Talked bout Prisoner of Zenda today ...
Teacher asked Phoebe to read Ch 12 - The Marriage Will Shortly Take Place, since Phoebe wanna act it out ... XD
(The part where Rassendyll said, "I love u - more than my life - more than my honour")
ROFL ... So HILARIOUS that we kept laughing as she act/read dramatically ... XDD
Now that was fun ~ ^^

Owh. One word. BORING ... XP

While OGH kept on talking bout the komsas thingy, I'd already finished the book 'This Must Be Love' ...
She was real slow on talking ... blah blah blah ...
All I noe is her husband is Dato Onn ... (according to what Khang Lin n the others say. XDD)

Hahax ~
And when we had our free times, we (me, Alison) gathered together at their place (KL, JY, CY, ML) n start playing games ... XD
U noe the game where we play 'scissors, paper, stone' n hit each other's hand when they lose??
That game ... XDD
LOL. I juz played wit Alison for like a while but then my hand got real pain soon ... XP
Then Mei Lin, Whitney (CY), Khang Lin, Jing Yi n Alison were still playing ...
... till their hands was like 'BBQ pork', as they said ... XDD

Oh well ...
Me n my bunch of crazy frenz ... XDDD

Signing out n over,

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