28 August 2010

♥ Facts about U-KISS ♥

♫ Facts about U-KISS ♫

U-KISS (유키스) is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008.

Lee Kiseop is the last member who joined U-KISS which is before Man Man Ha Ni is promoted.

♫ The members include --

Alexander Lee Eusebio

Shin Soohyun

Kim Kibum

Lee Kiseop

Elison Kim

Kevin Woo

Shin Dongho

♫ What is U-KISS?
It stands for --

U biquitous
K orean
 I nternational (Idol)
S uper
S tar

♫ U-Kiss debuted in Japan on August 15, 2008 at the Power of Atamix alongside SS501 & Paran.

♫ After their debut, they starred in variety shows such as All About U-Kiss, You Know U-Kiss and in 2010, U-Kiss Vampire and Chef Kiss.

♫ They also take the role as solo entertainers -- acting in various dramas n musicals, hosting various reality-variety shows, and becoming hosts n MCs in various radio show n programmes.

♫ U-KISS's fans are called KISSMEs.

♫ The individual's fans are called --

Xander's are Xanderettes.
Soohyun's are SooHyunnies.
Kibum's are Kibumsters.
Kiseop's are Kiseopians.
Eli's are Elisoniacs.
Kevin's are Kevinias.
Dongho's are Dongholics.

♫ The boys' type of girl are --

Xander's -- Girls with curly hair, original brown eyes, loving, understands him, simple and similar attitude as his.
Soohyun's -- As romantic as him, would love to be with him no matter what, girl should be shorter than him.
Kibum's -- Girls who can pack food for him, would accept his attitude, loving and caring, would always be there for him.
Kiseop's -- Girl with long hair, short in height, same attitude as his, loves to read books and would take good care of him.
Eli's -- Loving and caring, sweet, simple, not a "trying hard" and always being herself.
Kevin's -- Girls with soft hands, who can carry him [take it as a joke], who would not hurt his feelings, older than him.
Dongho's -- Will never leave him, will never hurt him, caring, loving, sweet, as adorable as him and older than him.

U-KISS 2nd Anniversary
U-KISS 2 yrs of hard works w/ blood sweat tears
KISSME 2 yrs of supprt w/ love loyalty patience

Once again, Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to U-KISS ~
May God bless your life everyday ~ ^^
Love ya♥

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary U-KISS!!!

Woots ~
Today's the 2nd year anniversary of U-KISS ~
Saengil chukka hamnida ~ X33

The boys have been working hard for the past 2 years ...
And now it's their 2nd year anniversary ~ ^^
KissMes are so PROUD of all of you ~ ♥
We LOVE you ~ XDD

Let's help trending #2yearsofkisses on Twitter to show that we love and appreciate them ~ ^^

Xander + Soo Hyun + Kibum + Kiseop + Eli + Kevin + Dongho = U-KISS

KissMes + U-KISS = #loveisunity = Family = #weloveukiss = LOVE


"Without KISS MEs, there wouldn't be UKISS."
Well for us --
"Without UKISS, we wouldn't exist."
H2ndYear! ^^

Hugs n Kisses

27 August 2010

Random crappings

Ahh ... I'm so tired ~
I wanna SLEEP ~~~ ><
But then, not sleepy ady la ... =P

Ytd nite followed dad to his fren's house ...
OMONA ... His house is so damn BIG ...
Like, imagine that my house is 600 square ft ...
And his is 6000 square ft!!! 10 times my house!!!
I was like 'OHMYGDRAGON-ing' when I go round his house ...
The whole floor of the building is his house ahh ... O_O

Anywayz, that's not the main point ... =P
The fact is, we went there for some business (well, my dad is) ...
Me n my sis went to his 'mini cinema' n watched LeeHom's 盖世英雄 concert DVD while the adults chit-chatted outside (the air-cond is damn cold XP) ...

And we stayed until 2am ... So late ~
And woke up in 9am this morning ... ><
Went to my gran's place at Alor Setar when my dad need to go to Perlis for something ...
It's FREAKING HOT there!!! XP
I practically tortured myself by wearing jeans and a black T then ... =PP

Hmm ... Shouldn't I be studying instead of online-ing rite now??
Heck, exam's NEXT MONDAY!!! ><

Well, guess I'll go off sooner or later ... =P
Ja ne ~

Lots of love,

21 August 2010


I'm bored.
There's nothing for me to do except studying, watching I Am Legend, and chatting wit Ho ...
Aishhhhh ...


Ahhh ~
It's finally OVER!!!!!
*sings Brave Brothers' Finally*

But I still cannot relax yet ...
*sits and sigh*
Coz exam's only ONE WEEK AWAY ...
And damn it, I haven't even STARTED revising anything yet ... ><
I'm dead. XP

How would I wish for now's after PMR ... X33
Guess I'll juz pass everything on to God now ...
Dunno if I could even finish my revision or not ... ><
I dun care, eh eh eh eh eh ~

Oh and btw, I'm officially chosen as next year's commander alongsite wit my F5 friend XianLin ...
Guess the business wouldn't stop then ... =PP

Oh well, gotta off now ...
Tata ~ *waves*

Signing out n over,

19 August 2010

BIGBANG 4th Anniversary Message to VIP!

Woots ~
Guess what day is today?? X3

Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Saranghaneun woori Big Bang-ie ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~~~

Hahax ~
Yesterday was HappyGDay, and today's HappyBBDay!!
What a lucky coincidence that GD's bday is juz 1 day ahead of Big Bang's ~ X33

And our loveable GD had posted this video up on Youtube juz an hour ago ~
Enjoy ~~~ ^^

Lots of love ~

18 August 2010

Happy G Day & Anthonesday ~

Woots ~
It's Jiyong's Bday today ~
HappyGDay to our lovable Big Bang leader G-Dragon ~

Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Saranghaneun woori Jiyong ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~~~ XDD


#HappyGDay is trending @ Twitter now ~
Help Big Bang's VIPs to hold on to the 1st place ~

And besides GD ...
It's also Xander's dad's bday ~
Happy Anthonesday to Uncle A ~

Happy Birthday to u ~
Happy Birthday to u ~

Happy Birthday to Uncle A ~
Happy Birthday to u ~~~ XDD
We're now trending #HugsToUncleA @ Twitter ...
Help us KISSMEs to trend too ~
With LOTS of ♥,

14 August 2010

Today ~

Went for KRS today ...
While the others are having their Cooking Comp, we bunch of busy ppl are having our meeting for the anniversary ...

Really wanna bang my head on the wall d ahh ....
U guys didn't bring the things I've told u to bring, exactly HOW are we gonna finish this thing??? ><
Mehh, dun wanna care la ... ==

Went to Wonderland to fix the venue thingy with Phoebe, Joo Hsien n Yin Yee ...
And they let the 5 of us (plus my dad) to eat FOC while waiting for the ppl in charge to come ...

And after a long time of waiting, we decided to head off to Prangin for the gifts ...
Since my dad gotta fetch my sis from skul (and Yin Yee followed him back) ...
Mana tahu the girl came at this moment pulak ... ==
Anyways, the remaining 3 of us went 'shopping' for gifts ~ XD

Went to lots of places to choose ...
In the end we did most of our shopping at SnJ's, since they're doing promos ~ XDD
Bought many many stuffs there ~ X3
Ahh ... The satisfication of shopping (even though it's not for us) ~
Hahax ~~~ XDD

Took this pic in the shop ahh ...
I think it looks nice along wit Joo Hsien posing there ~ XDD

^ Stitch!!! XDD

Okay okay ...
Enough of the childish stuffs already ...
Will continue conquering my maths book ...
Ja ne ~ X33

Signing out n over,
Jungmin ♥ Baby Dwaejee

Late Late Updates

Aish ...
This lazy dwaejee here seriously need to get her blog updated ... =P

Let's start with the 1st Saturday of August ~


Went to the Botanical Garden with some of my church members ...
Walked that place for like 2 rounds while waiting for the others ... XP
Anywayz, took some photos there ... X3
Will juz put only 1 here ... ^^

^ Nice place isn't it?? ^^


Isn't having the usual mood in the Science tuition ...
Bought myself some yum yum to make me happy ~ XD

^ My own Yum Yum ~
Took almost 1+ hour to eat this ...
(I'm always slow at eating lollipops)
In the end I didn't even finish it ... ==

^ Isn't it cute ~ XDD


Was in BM tuition again ... ^^
Had some fun fooling around with my frenz aka Kelly, Winnie n Sze May ... X33
Took some epic video of them ... XDD
Isn't gonna waste my time posting it up here ... =P

^ Winnie, forever ready for a photo ... XDD


Our cross-country run day ... X3
But still, I finished the run ~ ^^

^ The view up on the mountain ~

^ I did it ~ XDD

That's all for the past few weeks' updates ~
For the rest of the photos, I'll probably post it up on my alternative blog ... ^^
Annyong ~

Signing out n over,

01 August 2010

Bye July, Hello AUGUST ~

It's already AUGUST in a blink of time ...
Gonna be buzy buzy buzy this month ...
Anniversary & Farewell, trial exam, blah blah blah ...
Soooo sienz ... =PP

Ahhh ...
Not to forget ...
2 more months left till Perang Mati Remaja ... ><
무엇을 할 수 있습니까???
Haiz ... XP

But no worries ~
August would still be a happy month for me ~~~
Coz U-Kiss is gonna release their 'Mworago' MV during the 1st week of August ~ *finally!* XDD
Besides ... Their comeback will also be on the 23rd of August!!!
Is anticipating their new album now ... XDD
Plus, 5 of them (Kiseop, Kibum, Kevin, Dongho, Soohyun) are going to participate in a drama 'I Am Legend' which will be aired on 2nd of September ~~~ X33 (I noe that's ntg to do wit August but it counts anywayz~)

Looks like I'm gonna spend my time wasted on the pc again this month ... XPP
Well, I hope not THAT much anymore, since I wouldn't wanna fail on my exams ... ><
Anywayz ... Hope to be happy every single day ~ ^^

I miss my Baby Dwaejee♥