31 May 2010

Another of my day ...

4 more schooldays n it's holz ~
Even though it'll probably be boring in those 2 weeks ...
But I really really anticipated it to come soon ... ^^

Today we were forced to change our classroom to B8 (coz of the stupid roof needs repairing or for watever reasons) ...
It's kinda fun actually ... XD
Besides taking our exam papers (which everyone is so afraid of), most of our time were spent on ... talking ... Hehe ... XDD

Me, Chian Chyi, Phoebe, Li Fei, Jyne Man, Kai Wen, Janice n some of the others sat together n chatted non-stop bout almost everything ...
From Korean idols to vacation, honeymoon, *censored stuffs*, mix-breed childrens, Arabian ladies, high heels, LV bags ... XDD
That was pretty fun ... ^^

And finally, got my hands on Percy J (book #1) ~
Elden borrowed me his book #2, #3, #4 on Sun but I can't start reading without book #1 ...
So finally ~ Book #1!!! X3
It's real nice n it's quite funny ... ^^
I sure hope I could slow down my reading speed so that the 5 books could last for 3 weeks (till after skul holz) ...
Determined to finish off #1 in a week's time though, gotta return it back to Khang Lin ... XD

Ahh ... Holidays ~
Hope time goes by faster ~ XDD
Really wanted to meet my angel again ... X3
Not really talking much, since he's in exam period rite now ...
Hope he'll do well without me bothering ... ^^

But really ... I'm a bit worried bout him ...
Since he's playing Castle Age ... He's like being too obsessed wit it ...
And it'll be all my fault!!! T^T
I'm so sorry for that ... ><

I was like real happy when he texted me unexpectedly juz now ...
But then it was juz bout the game, n nothing else ...
Not even a 'Hi' or 'How r u?' going ...
So disappointed ... Haiz ... ><

Well ... I can do well with or without him ...
Could care nevertheless ... XP
Like the maknaes, I could be strong too ...
MakBanShi ... HWAITING!!! X3

Signing out n over,

30 May 2010

VOTE for Jay!

Our dear Jaebum had (finally) come out with a poll for his fan club's name!
Beyond the Top, Bumble Bee, JayEffect, JayWalkers ...
Let's vote for it HERE ~ ^^

Lots of lots of love for Jay,

29 May 2010


Dedicate this to a friend of mine ...
Wanna tell him that, there's no need to be afraid of love ... ^^







U Kiss Bingeul Bingeul live [Feb 27 2010]

OMONA they're so damn shuai here ...
And my SeopSeop got to stand at the centre most of the time ... Yay!!! ^^

Updates ~

Kay ... Juz a short update before I sleep ... ^^

Slept at 1.30 something yesterday ...
Woke up by my forgot-to-off-today-coz-it's-a-holz alarm at 5.55am ...
Continue my sleep after shutting it down ...
Officially woke up at 10.30 something ...
Went out to eat brunch at a museum/restaurant place ...
(Forgot what it's called again ... Took many photos there)
To QB later ... Walk, walk, n walk ...
Suprisingly met Yun Sing n his gf there ... (OMONA!!! XD)
Before we went back, met Xiao Wei n some of her classmates ...

At home, online ... XD
Attemped to cut my oh-so-long-till-it-covered-my-both-eyes fringe ... (scared scared)
But it turned out to be better than I'd expected ...
Hahax ~ XDD

Mmm ... That's all for today ...
2moro still gotta go skul 4 KRS ...
Hope will hav our meeting and/or marching ... X3

And here's a pic of my newly-cut fringe ~
Nitez then ~ ^^

^ Again ... I looked weird ... XP
My sis said I looked kinda like Rain in this pic ...
Muz be the eyes ... Hahax ~ XDD

Signing out n over,

27 May 2010

091205 Maknae Idol Rebellion Ep.4 [Cut]

Aww ... They're SOOOO cute ~ X3
Juz like real noonas ~ XDD

Idol Maknae Rebellion ep 4 cut ver.
The guests : SHINee [Jonghyun, Key, Taemin]
The 'noonas' : Jinwoon (2AM), Dongho (U Kiss), Yunhwa (T-Max), Seunghyun (FT Island), Shorry J (Mighty Mouth)

26 May 2010

091127 U Kiss BTS Seven Colours Photoshoot

After-exam Updates

Woots ~
Finally ... EXAM'S OVER !!!
Yeah ~~~ XDD

Well ... Hav been exam-ing for the past 6 days (8 if u count in the weekends) ...
And now for this week's updates! X3

Sun -
Church in the morning ...
Stayed for youth later (even though is still exam-ing) ...
Was quite startled to see so many ppl coming (well, mostly for dance) ...
Went for my drums lessons then ... (aish ... till now still can't play the same song ... ><)
Later we had our outdoor activity - Captain Ball ...
I'm a 1st-timer in this game ... so I can't really play well ...
Still thinks basketball is much more fun ... XD

At nite, went to GP ...
Bought 3 highlighters at Popular's (pink, orange, green) ...
Intended to buy a yellow one instead of pink/orange, but then my dad says the green one n the yellow one hav not much diff ...
Oh well ... X3
Strolled into Artist Gallery to check out if there's anything (as usual) ...
Guess wat did I bought there???
U Kiss's 1st album Only One!!!
Yay ~
Well ... muz really really thank my parents ahh ...
For letting me (us) buy this kind of (ppl would add, useless) stuffs ...
Soo ... I got Only One, and my sis bought GD's Shine A Light concert CD ... ^^

^ Jjang ~
My 1st U Kiss album ... ^^
(Well ... it's their 1st one too ... XD)

Mon -
Was feeling kinda sick the day b4 ...
Thought I was gonna be fine on the next day ...
But then still the same ... ><
I think I noe why it happened ... Probably not enough rest from all those activities (church, youth, captain ball, shopping) ...
Even my teacher said that I looked sick when I went for morning prayer ...
Was really scared that I would fall asleep in exam ...
Prayed n prayed n prayed to God ...
But luckily ... I slept after finishing the paper ... XD
Thank God!!! ^^

Tues -
Exam ...
Nothing much to say ... XP

And after that, is today ...
Finished exams' day ~ X3
Everyone's high-ing in skul after the last paper - Geo ...
We practically ignored BC teacher's presence ... and did nothing for 2 whole lessons ... except talking, running around n stuffs ...
Got our school yearbook today ...
Well, since it's our school's 90th anniversary this year, so it's a hard-covered book ...
Looked at each others' class photos ... Complimenting others n laughed at the teachers' ... X3
And everyone went home after that ... ^^

On my way back home, we drove past CLHS (like everyday) ...
They're having their exams rite now so they're goin back earlier than usual ...
So, two words ... TRAFFIC JAM ... XDD
Yesterday, saw Josh walking to ... somewhere?
And as we past by mum's phone started ringing ...
I took the call, and guess who? My cousin Emma ...
He asked if we drove pass his school ... He said he saw our car passed by ...
Excuse-meh, we drove past his school everyday ...
Or else how are we gonna get home??? LOL. XD
That was yesterday ...

And today ...
I saw someone I noe again ...
This time, Jieli ... XDD
Well, he juz stood there, waiting for his car/bus ...
Didn't call out to him though ... since I'm sitting at the other side of the car ...
Well, if I see him again next time, or 2moro, I'm sure to call him then ...
No matter wat he say bout NOT to call for him ... X3
Hahax ~ XDD

Well ... That's practically my day ...
Have nothing to do rite now, and I'm hungry ...
Soo ... annyong ~ ^^

Signing out n over,


23 May 2010

My Kind of Guy

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun.
Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your friends to answer this. Then see what happens.

If you are a guy - post this as "my kind of girl"
If you are a girl - post it as "my kind of guy"
to whichever gender you prefer really.

Tagged :
1. Jiyul Jung
2. Jes Qin
3. Liboyz Jieli
4. Khang Lin
5. May Lin
6. Jing Yi
7. Yi Ching
8. Elden
9. Smalltail Alex
10. Kelly Khoo

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
- Okay la ... As long he is good-looking enough to get him to do sel-cas wit me ... XDD

2. Smart?
- Dun really cares. As long he is not STUPID ...

3. Preferred age?
- Uhh ... Older guys? Age limit : 2 yrs younger ~ 5 yrs older than me ...

4. Preferred height
- Taller than me ... Around 175+ ... ^^

5. How about sense of humor?
- Funny. At least, make me smile ...

6. How about piercings?
- Uhh ... Earrings.

7. Accepts you for who you are?
- It's a MUST ... ^^

8. Pink hair?
- NO!!!!!

9. Mushy or no?
- What's 'mushy'?? @@?

10. Thin or fat?
- Normal luu ...

11. Black, Brown, Yellow or White (skin color)?
- He could be fair-skinned or tanned ... Well, not black. XD

12. Long hair or short hair?
- Uhh ... Make it short. There's NO WAY a guy could look hot wit longer hair IF he's not Korean AND a handsome one ... ^^

13. Plastic or metal?
- What? I dun need a plastic or a metal boyfriend ...

14. Smells good?
- Sure ... ^^

15. Smoker?
- NO ... Never in my living years will I date a smoker. XP

16. Drinker?
- Well ... Wine? Maybe. Drinks beer or watever till he's drunk like crazy? NO.

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
- Hahax ... As long as he loves me, I dun really care ... ^^

18. Muscular?
- I accept someone wit a body like Hongki, that is a bit muscular though he's super skinny ... But someone like Taec, Chansung n Khun? Nah ... XP

19. Plays piano?
- Anything la ~ ^^

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
- Bass!!! Actually ... Acoustic guitar also not bad la. XD

21. Plays violin?
- Dun really cares la ... It's his interest maa ...

22. Sings very well?
- Yes. It's also a must. ^^

23. Vain?
- Who's not?? But not TOO much ... XD

24. With glasses?
- Sometimes ... Kiseop looks good in glasses ~ X3

25. With braces?
- Dun think so ... But then, it's not my decision la ...

26. Shy type?
- A bit ... ^^

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
- A REBEL!!! But he muz be good to his parents la ... XDD

28. Active or passive?
- Definitely active.

29. Tight or bomb?
- Huh?????

30. Singer or dancer?
- Both ~ ^^

31. Stunner?
- Uhh ... okay?

32. Hiphop?
- Nah ... I'm not that into hiphop n stuffs ...

33. Earrings?
- If he wants, yes. That'll be COOL ~ XDD

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?

35. Dimples?
- Cute ~ ^^

36. Bookworm?
- Well, at least he can go to the library or a bookstore wit me ... XD

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?
- That's a bit ... out-dated.

38. Playful?
- Yeah ... ^^

39. Flirt?
- Uhhh ... Wit me? Okay. Wit other girls? HELL NO.

40. Poem writer?
- Anything la ...

41. Serious?
- When he needs to be, he'd better be ... ^^

42. Campus crush?
- Maybe? XD

43. Painter?
- It's his interest, not mine ... XP

44. Religious?
- Definitely a Christian that loves God ...

45. Someone who likes to tease people?
- Could do ... XD

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
- Come on ... Which guys doesn't like the comp??? XD

47. Speaks 20 languages?
- Uhh ... Let's see ... English, Chinese, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean ... Seriously, any of these la ... XDD

48. Loyal or faithful?
- Both ... ^^

49. Good kisser?
- Why not? XDD

50. Loves children?
- Mmm yup ... Then he could take care of our future ones ... XDD

Signing out n over,

21 May 2010

U Kiss

Woots ~
Had been super-obsessed with U Kiss lately ... ^^
(Where had FT Island gone to??? *opps~* XP)

Anywayz ~
U Kiss had been a 6-member boy band before somewhere near 2009 ...
But then there were the announcement of their 7th member, Kiseop ~~~ Yay!!! XD

Had been watching their variety shows, reality shows n stuffs ...
You Know U Kiss, All About U Kiss and U Kiss Vampire ~
Well, I first watched U Kiss Vampire without knowing that they had the other 2 older shows ... XP
Oh well ~ XDD
U Kiss Vampire talks about blood types and the ways they do, the reactions they made, the decisions they choose n stuffs like that ...
Supersupernice ~~~ X3

You Know U Kiss is mostly about their dance practises, vocal practises, visit to houses n stuffs ...
Too bad at that time Kiseop hadn't join U Kiss yet ... T^T
Well, I got to see the others anywayz ~ ^^

I juz watch All About U Kiss for now ...
Well, the title says it all ... XDD
Still, no Kiseop here ...
But I'm starting to fall for Kevin n Kibum now ... XD
Kemaru (Kevin + Kibum) LOVE ~~~ X3
Oh, and Ki brothers (Kibum + Kiseop) too ~~~ XD

U Kiss


Name : Alexander Lee Eusebio
Stage Name : Alexander / Xander
Birthday : July 29, 1988
Blood Type : O
Talents : Speaks 7 languages (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese, Portuguese, Spanish), Rapping
Facts : He can speak 7 different languages. He's half-Korean, a quarter-Hongkie & a quarter-Portuguese.


Name : Shin SooHyun
Stage Name : SooHyun
Birthday : March 11, 1989
Blood Type : A
Talents : R&B, Dance, Piano, Soccer, Singing
Facts : He's the Power Vocal of U Kiss (PoVo, as he had said himself)


Name : Kim KiBum
Stage Name : KiBum
Birthday : December 29, 1990
Blood Type : O
Talents : Composing music, Poppin’ dance, Japanese, Piano, Singing
Facts : The younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun. He’s a former member of Xing.


Name : Lee KiSeop
Stage Name : KiSeop
Birthday : January 17, 1991
Blood Type : A
Talents : Taekwondo, Dance, Acting, Piano
Facts : He's the rookie member of U Kiss.


Name : Kim KyongJae
Stage Name : Eli
Birthday : March 13, 1991
Blood Type : O
Talents : Taekwondo, Kung Fu, English, Chinese, Rap
Facts : He lived in Washington DC so he’s very fluent in English. He then moved to Beijing to study so he also can communicate in Mandarin.


Name : Woo SungHyun
Stage Name : Kevin
Birthday : November 25, 1991
Blood Type : O
Talents : Poppin’ dance, Guitar, Piano, English, Singing
Facts : He lived in California so he’s also fluent in English. Along with KiBum, he is also a former member of Xing.


Name : Shin DongHo
Stage Name : DongHo
Birthday : June 29, 1994
Blood Type : B
Talents : Golf, Drums, Chinese, Soccer
Facts : He studied in Beijing so he could communicate in Mandarin. He is the maknae (youngest) of the group. For his age, he has a very deep voice.

Signing out n over,

20 May 2010

2 down ... 4 more to go ...

Mmm ... Is still in exam week ...
2 days down ... 4 more to go ... ^^
Aza aza ~ X3

Dunno wat happened ahh ...
Why was 3 discipline teachers holding our class for exam today???
Yesterday already had 1, and today 3 more???
What? They think us K3E would do anything in exam?
LOL ... XP

Downloaded FTI's latest single Flower Rock's songs ...
'Flower Rock', 'Revolution' n 'Wing' ...
I liked the song 'Revolution' ...
But the rest ... okay la ... ><

Miss my angel here ... X3
Hope he'll do well in his exam too ...
Dun wanna giv him so much pressure though ... ^^
Ahh ... Exam's faster pass laa ...
Then we'll all have a happy holz ~ XDD

2moro's papers are BI (paper 1 & 2) n KH ...
Aish ... Dunno how to study KH la ... ><
Anyways ... I'm off to find Rudolf in Zenda ~ XDD

Signing out n over,

18 May 2010

Twitter ~

(I noe that I'm s'pose to study rite now but anyways!)
I've opened a Twitter acc ~
Even though I dunno how the heck to use it except 'Twitting' ... XP
All I noe is that I can follow others now ~~~
Kevin, Xander, KhunJAYBUM ~ XDD
Yayy ~ ^^

Well ... Juz FYI ...
This is mine ... ^^

Signing out n over,


Ahh ... 2moro's EXAM DAY ...
Still haven fin studying Sej ... ><

Luckily, all the papers are in objective ... ^^
Hope I can do well though ... X3
Aish ... Better off now ...
F3 Sej Bab 2, Here I COME ~~~
... well, dinner 1st ... XDD

Signing out n over,

17 May 2010

Another Day in School

It's a Monday again ...
Went to skul early in the morning ...
Back to class after morning prayer to start my daily skul life ...
Only 25 ppl come to skul nia ... OMONA!!!

1st lesson - PJ - no teacher came in ~ XDD
2nd lesson - BI ...
Muz listen to the stupid speaker booming out nonsense (something bout Teachers' Day la) ...
Heard some weird + creepy screeming/screeching sound thru the speaker ...
And our teacher says, "the message is sent from outer space" that make all of us laughed like crazy till another teacher passed by with a ??? on her face. XD
And PKM (teacher) juz tell her, "the message is from Mars de ahh" XDD

And most of the teachers didn't teach nor giv hmwrks for the rest of our day ~ ^^
So, we spend our time talking, sleeping, studying, visiting the fountain (XDD), chatting again ...
Lolx ... XDD

Well ... I sure hope exam's gonna pass by quickly ...
Coz I want HOLIDAYS ~~~ X3

Signing out n over,

13 May 2010


有一对夫妻结婚后不久的一天,一次在两人吃晚饭的时候,女生突然对男孩说,如果有一天我死了,你会再娶其她女人吗?男孩说,啊哦,也许会吧,这得等你真死了才能说。 女孩听了生气地说:你就这么讨厌我吗?

















12 May 2010

U KISS coming to MALAYSIA !!!

Ahh ~
U Kiss is coming to MALAYSIA ~
I wanna go I wanna go I wanna go ~~~ X3

But but ...
It needs tickets ...
And the cheapest is also RM120 ...
And I dunno where can I got the tickets ...
Haiz ... ><

Aww ... The 7 of them are going to go to KL ...
19th June 2010 ... Me + family are at KL too ...
I wanna go ~~~ ><
Lucky Kiesha, she'd already bought the tickets ...
Is counting on her to take lotz of lotz of photos of them ~ (especially Kiseop!!)

Haiz ... If I were to know this earlier ...
I would hav somehow persuaded my parents to let me go ...
But then, it's also quite impossible for them to let me go there ... ALONE.
*sob sobs* T^T

Signing out n over,

Study study ...

Did not went to skul today ...
Stayed at home to finish off Sci n start Sej revision ...
Whoo ~ ^^

This works way better than attempting to study at skul ...
Coz in the end it's alwayz chatting, playing n laughing our heads off ... X3
Wish I could stayed for 2moro too ...
But I guess not ... Better save the remaining 4 days of my 'study lift' for the infamous Perang Mati Remaja ... XP
Ohh well ... XD

Is currently finishing off Ch5 of F1's Sej now ...
I really really hate this chapter ...
Why are we studying bout Islam even though we're not???
LOL ... It makes me sleepy ... XP
I prefer the history of something more interesting like F3's WW2 stuffs ...
Why can't we study World War 2??? Haiz ... XP

Kay ... Gotta take my hands off the keyboard now ...
Back to Sejarah ~

Signing out n over,

10 May 2010

Happy Birthday ~

Saeng gil chukka hamnida,
Saeng gil chukka hamnida,
Saranghaneun woori Jungmin,
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~

Woots ~
Today's my fav day of the whole year ~
My BIRTHDAY!!! Yay! X3

Not much of celebrating though ...
Coz nid to 'pia' for exams ahh ... Hahax ~ XDD
Went to Sunway Carnival on Sat n had a nice steamboat lunch there ... ^^
Counted as a collabration of celebrating Mothers' Day + my bday ~ XD

Well, today had a quite nice day at skul ... ^^
Went for morning prayer, it's my turn to lead a song ...
They sang me bday song before we started ...
Aww ~ X3

Alison surprised me wit a lil bday gift before class starts ...
Jelly beans n gummi sweets!!!
Well ... I actually dun eat them though ...
But thanks for it anywayz ~ ^^

My fellow michevious classmates sang me bday song too ~
Hahax ... In the Science lab ... XDD
They alwayz did that whenever someone bday happens to be the day we hav some classes ...
Especially Science ... since that annoys our teacher ... Poor her ... XD

Received quite some wishes ...
And text messages ...
Really wanna thank them ... ^^
Those who had remembered this day n wished me, thanks ~ *hugs*
Hahax ~ I gotta be grateful ~~~ XD

I thank the one-n-only God who had created me n bought me to this world 15 years ago ...
I thank him for those he had gave me all along ...
For the ppls he had placed in my life ...
For the happy moments I had experienced since birth ...
And for the things he had taught me thru other things or other ppl ...

The next on the list is my parents who had cared for me for these years ...
I thank God for my dad n my mum (not forgetting my sis!) ...
Who had watched me grow eventually ...
Who had, most of the time, gave me what I wanted ...
And who had bought me the mug I wanted as my bday present ~ Yay!

I also thank God for my bunch of crazy friends in class ... XD
Daddy Khang Lin, Mommy MayLin, Auntie Jing Yi, Alison, Whitney, Huey Ting ...
And those who aren't listed out and yet are equally important in my life ...
Without them, school life would be real boring ... XDD

Last but not least, I thank God for placing a guardian angel in my life ...
Who had made me smile even thru the smallest of things ...
Who had made me laugh my head off on April Fools' ...
Who had give me warmth when I'm discouraged ...
Who had boosted my confidence when I lacked of them ...
Who had stayed by my side even in my darkest hours ...
Jieli, thank you ... ^^

Whqiiuuu ~ *quoting Elden's fav cat mimic???*
This looks like as if I won this year's Oscar award's thanking list ... XDD
Anywayz ... Gotta go study now ...
Dad says if I got good PMR results this year, maybe he would bring us to Japan or Korea for holz ...
Well ... Though his promises are not that trustworthy everytime ... XD
(I believed he would bring us there even if I did not get good results though ... IF he wants to ... XD)
I'll still take his words and start to pia now ... *hopes it's not too late yet*
Hahax ~ XDD

Finally ~
Here's some photos taken last Sat ... ^^
Enjoy ~~~ X3

Signing out n over,

08 May 2010

Hear My Cry

I'm scared. Real scared.
Exam's only a week left and didn't even do anything yet ... ><
I hate exams ...
I can't handle pressures well ...
So I'll start worrying when it's near ...
And more crying ... ><

정말 정말 싫어그것 ...
I can't even relax on my birthday ... ><
Was juz trying to forget everything and here comes my mum, tensing everything up again ... XP
I would really juz die like this!!!
Arghhhh ~ XP
Where's my 수호 천사 when I need him??? T^T

Aish ... Why do we have to take all these exams??? ><

I dun care the heck of my results anymore ... Juz STOP the pressure!!!
I can't imagine how's my future ... Heck, does I even have a future???
That's really silly of me to think that I could achieve my dream of being a singer ...
난 정말 바보 ...
No one ... No one would juz believe that I really wanna do that ...
I'm tired ... Really tired ...

I'm feeling real crap rite now ...
That's why I'm crapping now ...

Angel, if u ever see this,
I juz wanna tell u that I'm sorry for being such a weakling ...
I really can't do all these ...
Dun be disappointed kay? Coz it's not worth it ...
Never. Get. Sad. Coz of me. Kay?
Not worth it ...

05 May 2010

Miss You Guys ...

Juz noe that 2 of my elementary skul frenz are in a relationship rite now ...
Whoa ... Should I be surprised or wat???
I mean, I knew the 2 of them. Not very close, but still frenz ...
I'd never pictured them getting together someday ...
Seriously ... That was unexpected ... XD
Well ... I congratulated them anywayz ... ^^

As I had said, 2moro's my fren's bday ...
So I dropped by to his FB profile to see if there's anything new there ...
Checked his photos ...
Not much to see, but u can still see him inside ... ^^
He still looks the same to me ... after 2 n a half years ahh ... XDD
Still the dorky, funny guy that we used to hang out with ... ^^

Hmm ... I'm still in contact with Kelly, same class wit Jin Yuen, same tuition wit Jick Shen, and he's probably the only one of my BFFs that I'd almost lost my contacts ...
Well ... 2moro is his bday, so I'm gonna try to contact his phone again ... ^^
I still remember that we used to send all those silly messages to each other ...
Him to me and Jin Yuen ... And we'll complained about all those messages the next day at skul ... XD
Hahax ... X3

Aww ... I juz realized that I miss my elementary skul frenz ...
Miss them like crazy ahh ... ><
When are we going to have another reunion???
Oh yeah ... After PMR ... Right ... XP
I hope this year's reunion would be under someone fun ...
Then we'll all have fun together ~~~ XDD

Signing out n over,















04 May 2010


It's May already!!! Yay ~ ^^
Well ... I shouldn't be that happy ...
Since exam's juz round the corner ... and real near ... ><
But but but, it's MAY ...
My birthday's near, my frenz's birthdays are near, and holz's near too!!!
But ... *sigh* ... EXAM 1st ... ><

Anyways, I loved May since I was born ...
Well, saying that was a bit way out ...
But still, I love May ... ^^

Hmm ... Let's see ...

May 6 - 顺伟
May 7 - 永杰
May 8 - 业发
May 9 - 维宙
May 10 - 汶敏 (well ... that's me)

The final conclusion is ...
I'm so gonna be broke this month ... XP
Well ... Happy Birthdays everyone!!! XD

Signing out n over,

Flower Rock!!!

FT Island's Flower Rock PV is finally OUT!!! XD
Hongki ~~~ X3

Well I noe that I'm supposed to be studying rite now ...
... XD ...

Anywayz ... It's in Japanese ~ ^^
And it's their fav (and mine too) ... ROCK SONG!!! XDD
Was dying to hear their Rock songs ...
But since that incident ... u noe ... Wonbin's departure (T^T) ...
They rarely do rock songs anymore ...
They juz like sorta 'switched' to Pop, Balled, everything else (in the Cross n Change album) ...
And I was wondering if that's the real reason Binnie left ...
Haiz ... I miss Binnie ... ><

To be quite honest, the new song does not excite me much ...
Yes, it's FTI's n it's Rock ... But ... I dun really get the old feeling back ...
Like when I heard After Love, Love Pain n Girls Don't Know ... I prefer these songs ...
I'm NOT criticizing them ... I still LOVE them much ...
But ... Dunno la ...
I'm really a weirdo that prefers sad, emo rock songs rather than the happy happy songs ...
LOL ... XP

And oh ... Even though I liked his hair long ...
But Hongki oppa ah ... Plz plz plz cut ur hair ...
I really can't stand it untrimed like this ... ><
Jaejinnie too ...
In fact, I think everyone needs a haircut ... Lolx ...

No, dun ask me ...
I definitely won't betray Hongki n turn to Gi Kwang (OMGD MY AJ~) ...
Muz. Stay. LOYAL. ><
But but but ... B2ST n F.CUZ rockz ~
OMO ... Somebody help me!!! ><

Signing out n over,

03 May 2010


Passion of life, such thing as hope, it doesn't exist
I'm breathing simply out of life
My body feels ok, it's nothing special
And yet I feel like I'm drowning

World suffocates me endlessly
My heart closed only halfway
I put a lock on that door
Locks rusted away from an ethereal loneliness
I turn my key out (key out)
Alienation from answers, held on my shackles
It suffocates me (it suffocates me)

Picking up the phone that never rings
I wait for your call all night (all night)
I need your interest, I need your conversation
I need your hand, I need even small love
Please light the fuse that's fading away...

I can't blend in here, there, anywhere
I can't belong to you, her, anyone else
I walk down restlessly around you (around you) [x2]

Will the moon understand my loneliness?
Wonder if the stars understand my scars
Buried in affliction, I sing this song
Graved in loneliness, I call out your name [x2]

I walk down restlessly around you (around you)
I walk around because I fear of change
Broken from the love of chains, I sing to find the one
Following the wind and the cloud, I wander the world
Where did you go, leaving me here, I do not know
You left me over there to the place no one knows
I wanna leave this behind
Thirst for love, I'm always in hunger

I even miss the tip of your fingers
Undermined our interest, love seems like a luxury
Sometimes the thing that always follows me
When my shadow is covered by the moon, I draw you in my heart
I recite on myself

Every day, I am fear of life endlessly
Wanna see you, touch you, feel you
I can only say those words, I bite on my pitifulness

I can't blend in here, there, anywhere
I can't belong to you, her, anyone else
I walk down restlessly around you (around you) [x2]

Will the moon understand my loneliness?
Wonder if the stars understand my scars
Buried in affliction, I sing this song
Graved in loneliness, I call out your name [x2]

I can't blend in here, there, anywhere
I can't belong to you, her, anyone else
I walk down restlessly around you (around you) [x2]

Will the moon understand my loneliness?
Wonder if the stars understand my scars
Buried in affliction, I sing this song
Graved in loneliness, I call out your name [x2]

02 May 2010

WGC Career Day 2010

Went to TOG for their Career Day ...
Everyone's wearing school uniform today ~
Mix n Match till so nice ~ XDD

It was fun today ...
Since I went there like 1 n a half hour earlier ...
Then I get to curi tangkap tiok everyone ...
Hahax ~ XDD

Spent my entire afternoon there ...
Like to take pics of everyone ~ [especially when they're not aware of it. XD]
Today was fun!!! X3

And the best thing was ...
A handmade birthday present ~
From my Angel !!! XD
Yay ~
I supersuper LOVE it ~~~ X3
Thank you Li ~ *hugs*
Really really like it ...
Will treasure it alwayz ~ X3
*more hugs again*

^ The envelope ... Cute rite?? X3

^ My present!!! It's so special n meaningful ~ ^^

Mmm ... Today so happy ~~~
Dunno can sleep or not ... XD
Today's photos are all up on FB's album ler ...
Tag ppl till pening ahh ... ><
Hahax ~ XD

Signing out n over,