28 November 2010

VOTE for KissBabyJaye [me] in the MBC Star Audition ~

I'm joining for the MBC Star Audition and I'm relying on you guys to vote for me starting from the 28TH OF NOV until the 3RD OF DEC ...

Check the page below and follow the instructions below ~

1. Click "GALLERY"
2. Choose [OTHERS] for country.
3. Choose [R&B] for genre.
4. Choose [MBC] for tags.
5. Choose [VIEWS] for sort.
6. Find me at the first page, the last video of the 3rd row, or juz scroll your mouse and check for the name [KissBabyJaye].


You could vote for me once everyday ~ (please do so X3)
Please tell all your friends about it and ask them to vote for me too ...
Really apprieciate that ... XD
Thanks alot ~ ^^

11 September 2010

Love. Activated. [One-shot Stories]

Woots ~
I dunno if I still have any more readers of this blog or not ...
But anywayz ...

I'm starting on a fanfiction now ~ XDD

Well, it's a collab of one-shot stories with my sis (aka ChikinDUBU) ...
Which features the appliers (or u can think of it as YOU) and their KPOP partners ~ ^^
And the 1st one-shot story is out ~ X33

♥Of Chocolates and Skinship♥
- featuring Kim Jonghyun and Jung Jiyul.

Check it out some time, okay?? ^^

With lots of love,

28 August 2010

♥ Facts about U-KISS ♥

♫ Facts about U-KISS ♫

U-KISS (유키스) is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008.

Lee Kiseop is the last member who joined U-KISS which is before Man Man Ha Ni is promoted.

♫ The members include --

Alexander Lee Eusebio

Shin Soohyun

Kim Kibum

Lee Kiseop

Elison Kim

Kevin Woo

Shin Dongho

♫ What is U-KISS?
It stands for --

U biquitous
K orean
 I nternational (Idol)
S uper
S tar

♫ U-Kiss debuted in Japan on August 15, 2008 at the Power of Atamix alongside SS501 & Paran.

♫ After their debut, they starred in variety shows such as All About U-Kiss, You Know U-Kiss and in 2010, U-Kiss Vampire and Chef Kiss.

♫ They also take the role as solo entertainers -- acting in various dramas n musicals, hosting various reality-variety shows, and becoming hosts n MCs in various radio show n programmes.

♫ U-KISS's fans are called KISSMEs.

♫ The individual's fans are called --

Xander's are Xanderettes.
Soohyun's are SooHyunnies.
Kibum's are Kibumsters.
Kiseop's are Kiseopians.
Eli's are Elisoniacs.
Kevin's are Kevinias.
Dongho's are Dongholics.

♫ The boys' type of girl are --

Xander's -- Girls with curly hair, original brown eyes, loving, understands him, simple and similar attitude as his.
Soohyun's -- As romantic as him, would love to be with him no matter what, girl should be shorter than him.
Kibum's -- Girls who can pack food for him, would accept his attitude, loving and caring, would always be there for him.
Kiseop's -- Girl with long hair, short in height, same attitude as his, loves to read books and would take good care of him.
Eli's -- Loving and caring, sweet, simple, not a "trying hard" and always being herself.
Kevin's -- Girls with soft hands, who can carry him [take it as a joke], who would not hurt his feelings, older than him.
Dongho's -- Will never leave him, will never hurt him, caring, loving, sweet, as adorable as him and older than him.

U-KISS 2nd Anniversary
U-KISS 2 yrs of hard works w/ blood sweat tears
KISSME 2 yrs of supprt w/ love loyalty patience

Once again, Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to U-KISS ~
May God bless your life everyday ~ ^^
Love ya♥