28 November 2010

VOTE for KissBabyJaye [me] in the MBC Star Audition ~

I'm joining for the MBC Star Audition and I'm relying on you guys to vote for me starting from the 28TH OF NOV until the 3RD OF DEC ...

Check the page below and follow the instructions below ~

1. Click "GALLERY"
2. Choose [OTHERS] for country.
3. Choose [R&B] for genre.
4. Choose [MBC] for tags.
5. Choose [VIEWS] for sort.
6. Find me at the first page, the last video of the 3rd row, or juz scroll your mouse and check for the name [KissBabyJaye].


You could vote for me once everyday ~ (please do so X3)
Please tell all your friends about it and ask them to vote for me too ...
Really apprieciate that ... XD
Thanks alot ~ ^^

11 September 2010

Love. Activated. [One-shot Stories]

Woots ~
I dunno if I still have any more readers of this blog or not ...
But anywayz ...

I'm starting on a fanfiction now ~ XDD

Well, it's a collab of one-shot stories with my sis (aka ChikinDUBU) ...
Which features the appliers (or u can think of it as YOU) and their KPOP partners ~ ^^
And the 1st one-shot story is out ~ X33

♥Of Chocolates and Skinship♥
- featuring Kim Jonghyun and Jung Jiyul.

Check it out some time, okay?? ^^

With lots of love,

28 August 2010

♥ Facts about U-KISS ♥

♫ Facts about U-KISS ♫

U-KISS (유키스) is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008.

Lee Kiseop is the last member who joined U-KISS which is before Man Man Ha Ni is promoted.

♫ The members include --

Alexander Lee Eusebio

Shin Soohyun

Kim Kibum

Lee Kiseop

Elison Kim

Kevin Woo

Shin Dongho

♫ What is U-KISS?
It stands for --

U biquitous
K orean
 I nternational (Idol)
S uper
S tar

♫ U-Kiss debuted in Japan on August 15, 2008 at the Power of Atamix alongside SS501 & Paran.

♫ After their debut, they starred in variety shows such as All About U-Kiss, You Know U-Kiss and in 2010, U-Kiss Vampire and Chef Kiss.

♫ They also take the role as solo entertainers -- acting in various dramas n musicals, hosting various reality-variety shows, and becoming hosts n MCs in various radio show n programmes.

♫ U-KISS's fans are called KISSMEs.

♫ The individual's fans are called --

Xander's are Xanderettes.
Soohyun's are SooHyunnies.
Kibum's are Kibumsters.
Kiseop's are Kiseopians.
Eli's are Elisoniacs.
Kevin's are Kevinias.
Dongho's are Dongholics.

♫ The boys' type of girl are --

Xander's -- Girls with curly hair, original brown eyes, loving, understands him, simple and similar attitude as his.
Soohyun's -- As romantic as him, would love to be with him no matter what, girl should be shorter than him.
Kibum's -- Girls who can pack food for him, would accept his attitude, loving and caring, would always be there for him.
Kiseop's -- Girl with long hair, short in height, same attitude as his, loves to read books and would take good care of him.
Eli's -- Loving and caring, sweet, simple, not a "trying hard" and always being herself.
Kevin's -- Girls with soft hands, who can carry him [take it as a joke], who would not hurt his feelings, older than him.
Dongho's -- Will never leave him, will never hurt him, caring, loving, sweet, as adorable as him and older than him.

U-KISS 2nd Anniversary
U-KISS 2 yrs of hard works w/ blood sweat tears
KISSME 2 yrs of supprt w/ love loyalty patience

Once again, Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to U-KISS ~
May God bless your life everyday ~ ^^
Love ya♥

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary U-KISS!!!

Woots ~
Today's the 2nd year anniversary of U-KISS ~
Saengil chukka hamnida ~ X33

The boys have been working hard for the past 2 years ...
And now it's their 2nd year anniversary ~ ^^
KissMes are so PROUD of all of you ~ ♥
We LOVE you ~ XDD

Let's help trending #2yearsofkisses on Twitter to show that we love and appreciate them ~ ^^

Xander + Soo Hyun + Kibum + Kiseop + Eli + Kevin + Dongho = U-KISS

KissMes + U-KISS = #loveisunity = Family = #weloveukiss = LOVE


"Without KISS MEs, there wouldn't be UKISS."
Well for us --
"Without UKISS, we wouldn't exist."
H2ndYear! ^^

Hugs n Kisses

27 August 2010

Random crappings

Ahh ... I'm so tired ~
I wanna SLEEP ~~~ ><
But then, not sleepy ady la ... =P

Ytd nite followed dad to his fren's house ...
OMONA ... His house is so damn BIG ...
Like, imagine that my house is 600 square ft ...
And his is 6000 square ft!!! 10 times my house!!!
I was like 'OHMYGDRAGON-ing' when I go round his house ...
The whole floor of the building is his house ahh ... O_O

Anywayz, that's not the main point ... =P
The fact is, we went there for some business (well, my dad is) ...
Me n my sis went to his 'mini cinema' n watched LeeHom's 盖世英雄 concert DVD while the adults chit-chatted outside (the air-cond is damn cold XP) ...

And we stayed until 2am ... So late ~
And woke up in 9am this morning ... ><
Went to my gran's place at Alor Setar when my dad need to go to Perlis for something ...
It's FREAKING HOT there!!! XP
I practically tortured myself by wearing jeans and a black T then ... =PP

Hmm ... Shouldn't I be studying instead of online-ing rite now??
Heck, exam's NEXT MONDAY!!! ><

Well, guess I'll go off sooner or later ... =P
Ja ne ~

Lots of love,

21 August 2010


I'm bored.
There's nothing for me to do except studying, watching I Am Legend, and chatting wit Ho ...
Aishhhhh ...


Ahhh ~
It's finally OVER!!!!!
*sings Brave Brothers' Finally*

But I still cannot relax yet ...
*sits and sigh*
Coz exam's only ONE WEEK AWAY ...
And damn it, I haven't even STARTED revising anything yet ... ><
I'm dead. XP

How would I wish for now's after PMR ... X33
Guess I'll juz pass everything on to God now ...
Dunno if I could even finish my revision or not ... ><
I dun care, eh eh eh eh eh ~

Oh and btw, I'm officially chosen as next year's commander alongsite wit my F5 friend XianLin ...
Guess the business wouldn't stop then ... =PP

Oh well, gotta off now ...
Tata ~ *waves*

Signing out n over,

19 August 2010

BIGBANG 4th Anniversary Message to VIP!

Woots ~
Guess what day is today?? X3

Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Saranghaneun woori Big Bang-ie ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~~~

Hahax ~
Yesterday was HappyGDay, and today's HappyBBDay!!
What a lucky coincidence that GD's bday is juz 1 day ahead of Big Bang's ~ X33

And our loveable GD had posted this video up on Youtube juz an hour ago ~
Enjoy ~~~ ^^

Lots of love ~

18 August 2010

Happy G Day & Anthonesday ~

Woots ~
It's Jiyong's Bday today ~
HappyGDay to our lovable Big Bang leader G-Dragon ~

Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Saranghaneun woori Jiyong ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~~~ XDD


#HappyGDay is trending @ Twitter now ~
Help Big Bang's VIPs to hold on to the 1st place ~

And besides GD ...
It's also Xander's dad's bday ~
Happy Anthonesday to Uncle A ~

Happy Birthday to u ~
Happy Birthday to u ~

Happy Birthday to Uncle A ~
Happy Birthday to u ~~~ XDD
We're now trending #HugsToUncleA @ Twitter ...
Help us KISSMEs to trend too ~
With LOTS of ♥,

14 August 2010

Today ~

Went for KRS today ...
While the others are having their Cooking Comp, we bunch of busy ppl are having our meeting for the anniversary ...

Really wanna bang my head on the wall d ahh ....
U guys didn't bring the things I've told u to bring, exactly HOW are we gonna finish this thing??? ><
Mehh, dun wanna care la ... ==

Went to Wonderland to fix the venue thingy with Phoebe, Joo Hsien n Yin Yee ...
And they let the 5 of us (plus my dad) to eat FOC while waiting for the ppl in charge to come ...

And after a long time of waiting, we decided to head off to Prangin for the gifts ...
Since my dad gotta fetch my sis from skul (and Yin Yee followed him back) ...
Mana tahu the girl came at this moment pulak ... ==
Anyways, the remaining 3 of us went 'shopping' for gifts ~ XD

Went to lots of places to choose ...
In the end we did most of our shopping at SnJ's, since they're doing promos ~ XDD
Bought many many stuffs there ~ X3
Ahh ... The satisfication of shopping (even though it's not for us) ~
Hahax ~~~ XDD

Took this pic in the shop ahh ...
I think it looks nice along wit Joo Hsien posing there ~ XDD

^ Stitch!!! XDD

Okay okay ...
Enough of the childish stuffs already ...
Will continue conquering my maths book ...
Ja ne ~ X33

Signing out n over,
Jungmin ♥ Baby Dwaejee

Late Late Updates

Aish ...
This lazy dwaejee here seriously need to get her blog updated ... =P

Let's start with the 1st Saturday of August ~


Went to the Botanical Garden with some of my church members ...
Walked that place for like 2 rounds while waiting for the others ... XP
Anywayz, took some photos there ... X3
Will juz put only 1 here ... ^^

^ Nice place isn't it?? ^^


Isn't having the usual mood in the Science tuition ...
Bought myself some yum yum to make me happy ~ XD

^ My own Yum Yum ~
Took almost 1+ hour to eat this ...
(I'm always slow at eating lollipops)
In the end I didn't even finish it ... ==

^ Isn't it cute ~ XDD


Was in BM tuition again ... ^^
Had some fun fooling around with my frenz aka Kelly, Winnie n Sze May ... X33
Took some epic video of them ... XDD
Isn't gonna waste my time posting it up here ... =P

^ Winnie, forever ready for a photo ... XDD


Our cross-country run day ... X3
But still, I finished the run ~ ^^

^ The view up on the mountain ~

^ I did it ~ XDD

That's all for the past few weeks' updates ~
For the rest of the photos, I'll probably post it up on my alternative blog ... ^^
Annyong ~

Signing out n over,

01 August 2010

Bye July, Hello AUGUST ~

It's already AUGUST in a blink of time ...
Gonna be buzy buzy buzy this month ...
Anniversary & Farewell, trial exam, blah blah blah ...
Soooo sienz ... =PP

Ahhh ...
Not to forget ...
2 more months left till Perang Mati Remaja ... ><
무엇을 할 수 있습니까???
Haiz ... XP

But no worries ~
August would still be a happy month for me ~~~
Coz U-Kiss is gonna release their 'Mworago' MV during the 1st week of August ~ *finally!* XDD
Besides ... Their comeback will also be on the 23rd of August!!!
Is anticipating their new album now ... XDD
Plus, 5 of them (Kiseop, Kibum, Kevin, Dongho, Soohyun) are going to participate in a drama 'I Am Legend' which will be aired on 2nd of September ~~~ X33 (I noe that's ntg to do wit August but it counts anywayz~)

Looks like I'm gonna spend my time wasted on the pc again this month ... XPP
Well, I hope not THAT much anymore, since I wouldn't wanna fail on my exams ... ><
Anywayz ... Hope to be happy every single day ~ ^^

I miss my Baby Dwaejee♥

29 July 2010

Happy Xander Day ~

^ Birthday cake from some fans ~

29/7/2010 ~
Yay ~ XDD

Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Sarang haneun woori Xander ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~~~

Our dearest U-Kiss member had already turned 22 today!!
According to his dad [Anthony Eusebio], Xander was born on 29th July 1988 at 1pm in Hong Kong ... X3
Ahh ... woori Xander's maturing in God day by day ~
May God bless u n your family ALWAYZ ~~~

^ Xander in HK (Dream Team)
Eating his fave stuffs with his dad

^ Xander in a fan-signing event

^ Xander the gorilla + Eli the pigeon

Once again ...
Happy Birthday to our cheeky U-Kiss member Alexander Lee Eusebio ~ ^^
KissMe-s love you FOREVER ~ XDD

28 July 2010

I'm a bad bad girl. I lied.

If you're wondering what exactly was I writing about at the post below ...
Forget about it.
U could juz ignore that ...

Why? U asked.
Juz think it was fun to do so ...
No other reasons. XD
Hahax ~~~ X33

Anywayz, hope u guys 'enjoyed' my emo-ing post below ~
*don't u guys think that was juz so cool?*

Signing out n over,
Jungminnie ♥ Baby Dwaejee FOREVER ~~~


Why does it hurt so much?
Nothing happened but yet I was feeling unsecure ...
Did you got bored with me? Did I annoy you too much?
I don't know ...

I juz wanna find a safe place to hide from the harsh reality ...
Or, did I?
Is this all juz a dream? Or I'm hallucination all along?

No, I don't wanna lose you.
Losing you would be the last thing ever appeared in my mind ...
I could go crazy by only having this thought ...
I wouldn't know how to handle it ... I can't.

What if I break down? What if I cried more than the day you'd said those things?
The message you've sent to me is still there ... undeleted.
That's a reminder for myself, a warning ...
That someday I might lose you over a small mistake ...

I'm scared ... Really scared ...
What can I do without you?

JayEffect Floods the WORLD!!!

Jaywalkers LOOK HERE!!!

"Since releasing his Nothin’ On You EP 2 weeks ago, it has been nothing but daebak (jackpot) for Jay Park. It was revealed that Jay Park has earned almost 700 million WON, with 50k physical albums sold and 200 million WON from digital sales. While exact figures aren’t in yet, it’s rare to see such numbers for an EP album in recent years."
- Taken from Allkpop's post

Besides, Sidus HQ has finally opened his official website to fans starting from today ~
Fans will be able to get the latest official news, personal messages, schedule, pictures, videos from the site and also leave messages for him!!!

So, fellow Jaywalkers ...
What are you STILL waiting for???
The ultimate JayEffect has already spread to the WHOLE WORLD!!! XDD


26 July 2010

Study Study ...

Mmm ... Supersuper BORING ~~~
What to do??? =P

Currently studying for Geography ...
Yup, u have perfect eyesights, and u did not see wrong. I'm STUDYING.
Aishh ... Seriously nid to pia d ahh ...
Or else how to fight wit the others?? XP
Even though I have 0 intention to study Science stream afterwards ...
I would also like to get straight As ahh ... juz for the sake of nice looking ... XDD
Plus my parents would probably be happy n so does God ... ^^
Then after PMR I can merdeka d ... XDD

*cough cough*
Enough said.
Is also waiting for any of my oppas to get online ...
No such luck I guess ... =P
Seopie was there for a short while ... but then he probably got busy ...
... watching TV. - -"

Oh well, since they're not here (YET) ...
I'll juz continue to do my Geo revision, listen to some Kpop songs, and keep waiting for them ... ^^
Saranghae Dwaejee♥

Signing out n over,

24 July 2010


Is getting headaches again after the KRS Training Camp ...
It did not went well as I would have predicted ...
Quite disappointing ...
Oh well, what can I say?

It was pretty messed up all the way ...
From the performances, to the lunch, to the groupings, till the games, it's all the same ...
Disaster. Confusion. Tired.
I'm so so tired now ...

Still need to finish up the homeworks ...
Can't really remember what homeworks I've yet to do ...
Didn't eat dinner yet ...
I'm starting to feel hungry but I doesn't feel like eating ...

My arms hurt. My legs hurt. Even my head hurt.
Now what???

21 July 2010

Basketball Match ~

Had our house games competition started from this week onwards ...
Played for my house (Red) in the basketball competition ...
Stayed back for the 1st game on Monday. ^^

ROUND #1Red vs Purple / Blue vs Yellow
Skip the competition details ... (I'm too lazy XD)
18-0, we WON!!!
Yay ~~~ XDD
On the other side, the Blue team also won ... XD

And yesterday ... ROUND #2 Red vs Green.
It was a tough match, since the Green team was well-known for their F5 players to be tall n quite skillful in basketball.
After a lot of innocent 3s n file-ing (walking, double, n others that I still dunno about), we lost the game ... XP
4-12. Aww ... ><

But it was a good match after all ... ^^
Plus, I get to know new people after this match ~ XDD
It was worth it anywayz ~ X3
And THANK GOD nobody got hurt during the match ~~~ ^^

Today they're going for another match between Green vs Blue (ROUND #3).
Hope they'll have a nice one too ... XD

Oh well, that's all for the updates ...
Gotta resume doing my homeworks or mum will start nagging again ... XP
See ya ~

Signing out n over,
Jungminnie ♥ Baby Dwaejee ~

19 July 2010

Dwaejee Oppa ~

Waited for 2 days, and now you're back!!!
Missed you so much ~~~ X33

I noe that you're busy with ur schedules n stuffs ...
But rmb to eat well, sleep well, n play well kay??
DON'T be a panda!!! (even though I noe u like pandas AND u have a wat's-that-thing-called-again? concealer? to do with ur face =P)
And try not to quarrel that much with Elison oppa kay??
After all, he's my 'bro' n ur hyung ... =3

Ohh ... Tweet more kay??
Dun be such a lazy dwaejee ~ XDD
I like it when u update ur Twitter ... ^^

That's all I wanna say ... ^^
Keep waiting for the surprise ~ XDD
(dun be disappointed if it's not that good =P)

Saranghae Baby Dwaejee♥♥♥

18 July 2010


~  金牛座的人似乎天生就有忧郁和压抑的性格。当这些累积到顶点时,就会如同火山一般的爆开。

~  他们在十二星座中算是工作最勤勉,刻苦耐劳、坚忍不拔的;耐心、耐力、韧性是其特性。

~  他们相信拥有爱情、美丽与富有的喜悦,是生命存在的证明,也是他信仰的真理,为了这个目的;他们会选择最安全、确实的途径(通常是长期的酝酿和深思熟虑的结论),一旦下定决心,没有人可以改变它。

~  他们忠诚、真心、善解人意、实际、不浮夸、率真、负责,凡事讲求规则及合理性。喜欢新理念并会花时间去接触、证明,是个自我要求完美的人;同时他们对物质和美的生产力方面,也是超人一等。

Ⅱ区金牛 5.1-5.10

•  基本性格>>




平时总是面带微笑,可一旦心情低落,就会紧闭心 扉,一言不发。


你待人随和,会吸 引很多朋友和你交往。

向往美好的事物,具有将生活安排得愉悦惬意的 卓越能力。








17 July 2010

What Can I Do???

Ahhh ...
What could I do to help u??
I dun want to see u sad ...
Ottoke?? ><

This is the least I can do ...
Baby Dwaejee saranghae♥

16 July 2010


I probably can't sleep tonite ... ><
Kyaaa ~~~

He'd finally made his choice ...
Me or her ...
And he chose ... ME.
I'm his not-so-secret secret-girlfriend now ... XDD

15 July 2010

Dearest Oppa

I must be really blessed to have such amazing oppas ...
All of them are really warm n nice ... ^^
Even though they're busy like, from early morning till late at nite ...
Yet they still spend some time with us KissMes ... X3
How lucky we are!!

Well, I would like to pray for them all anyways ... ^^
God bless them ALWAYS ~~~ XD
May God use Xan n Kev to do His work ...
For the others, may God use the 2 above to (quickly) spread about God's love for them.
So that they all can be faithful followers of God ... ^^
Dun forget the other KissMes too!!
No matter where they came from (probably all around the world), God still loves all of them ~~~ X3

God bless everyone ~~~ XD

Signing out n over,

14 July 2010

Say No

韩庚 [Hankyung]'s solo album 庚心
The 4th song - Say No





我只想在此刻大声的Say No
痛痛快快放纵了自己Say No
哪怕用一身伤口 换这一刻的放手





我只想在此刻大声的Say No
痛痛快快放纵了自己Say No
哪怕用一身伤口 换这一刻的放手


Nothin' On You

Woots ~
Jay Park's EP 'Count On Me' is finally OUT!!!!! X3
JayWalkers, cheers for the JayEffect ~~~ XDD
Jay's currently in Korea busying for his movie 'Hype Nations' with the rest of AOM members (I think?) ...
And yay! Now he's BACK IN ACTION!!! X3

Still remember that it's his cover video on youtube that had started it all ...
And this video below is something he made (again) for his fans ...
I'm really glad that he did all these things for us JayWalkers ... ^^
Jay oppa JJANG ~ X3

Well, what are you still waiting for??
Click on the video NOW!!!

11 July 2010

Happyyy ~~~

I wanna go to an amusement park for a date!
It looks so fun ~
Especially if u go with ur love ones ... ^^

Ahhh ... Korea's ghost house is soo creepy ~
Even though I'm not even there but I feel like crying when I heard the creepy line "Get meeeee ouuuuuuut ~" ><
I want a hug from Seopie ~~~ X3

Is unexpectedly happy now ~
Coz my angel wan me to be with him every week ~ X3
Ahh jinjja kiyeopda ~~~

10 July 2010

No Other

Super Junior's new song ~
It's nice ... and the MV is even nicer ~
Look at all of them, so kawaii n kakoii ~ XDD
Well, I'm not an ELF anywayz ...
Enjoy ~~~ ^^

09 July 2010

I Will Love

Without you, I have been lonelier than before ...
Music became my usual companion everytime when I'm alone;
Whether it's slow, sad, or emotional ...
I could only express my feelings there, away from the prying eyes of people ...
I had no one to depend on.

Because of this I had to survive on my own.
Not any help from you, nor from any other human.
I won't accept it.
I could only do this on my own.
Live my life without you. And stay out of trouble.

But there is a person I could lean on ...
This one person, greater than anyone in the world.
Only He could save me from all this chaos ...
My Lord. My Savior. My Jesus.

I will learn to trust in Him whole-heartedly;
I will learn to rely on Him everytime;
I will learn to confide in Him of all my problems and stuffs;
I will learn to love Him more than I love myself;
I will learn to love Him, till the day I die in his arms;
And I will learn to love others with the love that He has provided me ...

07 July 2010

HELP ... T^T

Aish ...
I really dunno how to do this ... ><
Like, how am I supposed to take the responsibility that BIG???
Impossible ... ><

My life's already a messed up one ...
And yet they still let me be in charge in the Anniversary n Farewell thingy ...
OhMyGDragon ... This is simply terrible ... T^T

I need help. Someone.
Oh God, help me ... ><

06 July 2010


^ (from the left) Seungri, girl, TOP

I wanna watch this movie ~~~
But I couldn't find it anywhere!!!
Aish ... ><

TOP is so shuai ~~~ XDD
Seungri also ~ X3
The girl? I dunno who's she ... XD
Hope I can find this movie a.s.a.p. ... XP

02 July 2010

God answers my prayer!

As I was going back from skul, I asked my mom to teach me on how to read the Bible ...
And she explained to me ...
I was like, okay okay, now I get it ...

Then, during cell group juz now ...
Our pastor taught us on the same topic!
And she said what should we do n stuff ...

Anywayz ...
Juz wanna thank Him for listening on even when I didn't really prayed for it ...
Hope that He'll continue to help me every now n then ... ^^

30 June 2010


Picked this up on Crystal's blog ...
So, I guess the credits goes to her ... ^^



1   当你正在忙的时候,却把手机开着,等着他/她的短信 …… 你已经❤上他/她了
2   如果你喜欢和他/她两个人单独漫步 …… 你已经❤上他/她了
3   当你和他/她在一起时,你会假装不注意他/她,但是当他/她离开你的视线时,你会急着寻找他/她 …… 你已经❤上他/她了
4   当他/她受伤或生病时,你会关心他/她,替他/她着急 …… 你已经❤上他/她了
5   当他/她和别人要好时,你会感到吃不知其味 …… 你已经❤上他/她了
6   当你看到他/她那甜美的笑时,你的嘴角会扬起一丝得意的笑 …… 你已经❤上他/她了
7   当你看到这篇文章时,心里想到某个人 …… 你已经❤上他/她了



정말??? ><

29 June 2010

Happy Sweet 16 Dongho ~

It's 29th July today ~
Our adorable maknae's BIRTHDAY!!!
Woots ~~~ X3

Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~
Sarang haneun woori Dongho ~
Saeng gil chukka hamnida ~

Happy Sweet 16 Dongho Oppa ~
Hope u have a BLAST birthday with ur fellow hyungs ... X3
U'll alwayz be the best Type B maknae ever!!! XDD
Type B HWAITING!!! ^^
*yay we have Type B Connection ~ XD*

^ Type B's pride - Shin Dongho



Woots ~
Had a FANTASTIC basketball game at skul yesterday ~
It was a BLAST!!! XDD

Well, stayed for rumah sukan after a long long time of no house practice ...
Headed to the bball court after seeing my sis on her recess time ...
Played wit the ball wit the others, since the (lazy) bola tampar teacher hadn't arrive yet ... XP
Can't believe how lucky I was to be able to shoot in 4 balls in a day ~ X3
Hahax ~

We F3 gals then played a half-court game since the other half was occupied ...
MeYun ChianXin Yi + another girl VS Alison + Wan En + Yu Hui + Zi Ying
Even though we can't beat the other team (the Powerpuff Girls + Zi Ying are super holiao ahh), but we still had fun playing ~ ^^

Later, our ketua rumah called us for a full-court match ...
And well, I was separated from my usual partner - Yun Chian ... ><
It was a great game anywayz ~
Got real tired of running around like that (n constantly hitting Zi Ying accidently ><) ...
I've got a real weak stamina ... =P

After rumah, I stayed back in skul wit Xin Yi n Mei Erl ... ^^
We went to CozyMart which is opposite of our skul ...
And we sat there, eat, talk, laugh ... XDD
Ate some chips n ice-cream ~
Shared lots of creepy stories and lame jokes ...
My personal fav is still the Malaysian Rock Eater n the Muar Chee 1 ... X3
Remind me to tell any of u guys one of them when I meet u ... XDD

Well, of coz at last all of us went back home ...
And today? My muscles are aching now ... XP
Seriously lack of exercises ... XD
Hahax ~

^ Vanilla ice-cream. X3

^ Mei Erl, Me, Xin Yi

^ Still the 3 of us ~ XD
That's all for today's update ...
Annyong for now ~ ^^

Signing out n over,

25 June 2010

Nothing more to say

Could probably be bored to death rite now ...
Seriously, I've got nothing much to do ...
Sienz ...

I'm speechless at this moment ...
And I'm watching SS501 SOS rite now ... X3
Aish ... ><

Signing out n over,

24 June 2010

Happy Bday Khun Oppa ~

Khunnie's bday cake from JYPE crews ... ^^

Woots ~
It's Nichkhun's 22nd birthday today!!!
생일축하축하해 ~
Hope u hav a wonderful birthday surprise there at Korea (or still at LA?) ... ^^
Anywayz ~ Hav fun there!!! XD

Lots of love,


Is sick today.
Stayed at home this morning.
Well, it's not like anything serious ...
Juz that I had a sore throat, lost my voice since yesterday nite n some cough ...
Still feel like sleeping now ... XDD

Mmm ... I'd finished up the 2 books from library juz now ...
Lazy to do my homeworks (ytd) n gonna get summore later (today) ... XP
Aish ... Gonna watch Cinderella's Sister for now + finish up my karangan ... X3
Will be thinking of u too ... even though I dunno where r u for now ... ^^

Signing out n over,

22 June 2010


Life's really boring ...
Sometimes too hectic, sometimes too free ...
And between those times, I really dunno what to do ...
My mind is telling me to start studying as PMR is kicking real near in 100+ days ...
But I juz dun really hav the heart to do this rite now ...

I dunno what's going on with me since the holz began ...
Izit that I'd never had the chance to go out with my frenz, always stuck inside the house, and I'm finally going insane?
That doesn't look like it ...
Or it's juz that some things had never go in my way during the holz, and I'm still frustrated bout it?
Haiz ... I really dun care bout that anymore anywayz ...

I juz can say that I've been quite down lately ...
The happy me during school hours are probably a temporally one either ...
Since school will be functioning like normal after this few days ... a.k.a. with lots of homeworks n stuffs ...
Well, what do you expect from a school? Not to mention a Chinese one ... XP

My cousin had been right bout something ...
Girls are really hard to figure out ...
One could be happy now, and the next moment she would probably feel like her entire world had came crashing down on her ...
Yeah, you could say, emotional ...

Well, maybe the one in my cousin Joel's class was a bit overacting ...
Okay, wayy too overacting.
But then that's how girls react, isn't it?
Probably not all, but some ...
They'll get 'hurt' juz by some little things that you probably didn't even realized ...
Like the girl in Joel's class ...

I may be too emotional sometimes ...
That's juz because I'm sensitive ...
But then, nobody cares anywayz ...
I'm already used to it ... So, no big deal.

And even though this sounds stupid after last week,
I miss my angel. I really do.

Signing out n over,
Jungmin Choi

15 June 2010


One of my fav FT Island song n mv ...
Friendship ~

See the guy that's constantly jumping up n down like some mad guy?
That's Lee Hongki aka HongSTAR ... XDD

And the cute 2nd vocal?
My fav member besides Hongki - Oh Wonbin ... X3

The guy with a beanie on his head playing bass guitar?
That's our goat bassist Lee Jaejin ... ^^

And the one with short black hair n plays guitar?
Our romantic leader Choi Jonghun, aka JongShin ... XD

Last but not least, the cute n powerful drummer?
That's our aegyo maknae Choi Minhwan (Choi Chikin) ... XDD

That's FT Island ...
Well, juz before Wonbin left n Seunghyun join in ...
Still love our cute blackhole no matter what ~ X3

Some random updates

One more day n I'll be leaving for A4J at KL ...
Hope I'm all-ready n prepared for everything ...
Mmm ... I'll try not to worry about that ... ^^

Ahhh ... Gonna concentrate on anticipating the conference ...
Sorta miss it since laz year ...
Well, for 1 thing I'm sure is I miss my laz year frenz there ... X3
Hahax ... Hope I still can hang out with them this year ... ^^

U Kiss are coming to Malaysia on THIS FRIDAY!!!
Kyaaa ~ X3
Too bad I can't go, even though I'm at KL ...
Haiz ... Really wanna meet them ...

Well, there's always a next time rite?
I sure hope they will consider returning here the next time ...
Will brainwash Xander telling him that Malaysia has a lot of yummies here ...
Now that will definitely pull him back here ... XDD
Well juz ... don't eat too much on your Xander's Asian Food Invasion trip kay??
I dun wanna see u looking fat like when ur young ... XD
Hahax ... Give my greetings to the rest of U Kiss kay??
U Kiss jjang ~ X3

Ahhh ... And I miss my Wonbinnie alot ... T^T
Especially when my sis opened a video on when they're 'on sale', back in the old days ...
And I juz realized that I miss him so much ...
Even though I'd followed him on Twitter now ...
But then he rarely uses it ... ><
Binnie ahh ... When are u going to re-debut again???
Miss u in action much ...
Saranghae ~ X3

Signing out n over,
Jungminnie ♥ Wonbinnie