15 July 2010

Dearest Oppa

I must be really blessed to have such amazing oppas ...
All of them are really warm n nice ... ^^
Even though they're busy like, from early morning till late at nite ...
Yet they still spend some time with us KissMes ... X3
How lucky we are!!

Well, I would like to pray for them all anyways ... ^^
God bless them ALWAYS ~~~ XD
May God use Xan n Kev to do His work ...
For the others, may God use the 2 above to (quickly) spread about God's love for them.
So that they all can be faithful followers of God ... ^^
Dun forget the other KissMes too!!
No matter where they came from (probably all around the world), God still loves all of them ~~~ X3

God bless everyone ~~~ XD

Signing out n over,

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