26 July 2010

Study Study ...

Mmm ... Supersuper BORING ~~~
What to do??? =P

Currently studying for Geography ...
Yup, u have perfect eyesights, and u did not see wrong. I'm STUDYING.
Aishh ... Seriously nid to pia d ahh ...
Or else how to fight wit the others?? XP
Even though I have 0 intention to study Science stream afterwards ...
I would also like to get straight As ahh ... juz for the sake of nice looking ... XDD
Plus my parents would probably be happy n so does God ... ^^
Then after PMR I can merdeka d ... XDD

*cough cough*
Enough said.
Is also waiting for any of my oppas to get online ...
No such luck I guess ... =P
Seopie was there for a short while ... but then he probably got busy ...
... watching TV. - -"

Oh well, since they're not here (YET) ...
I'll juz continue to do my Geo revision, listen to some Kpop songs, and keep waiting for them ... ^^
Saranghae Dwaejee♥

Signing out n over,

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