19 July 2010

Dwaejee Oppa ~

Waited for 2 days, and now you're back!!!
Missed you so much ~~~ X33

I noe that you're busy with ur schedules n stuffs ...
But rmb to eat well, sleep well, n play well kay??
DON'T be a panda!!! (even though I noe u like pandas AND u have a wat's-that-thing-called-again? concealer? to do with ur face =P)
And try not to quarrel that much with Elison oppa kay??
After all, he's my 'bro' n ur hyung ... =3

Ohh ... Tweet more kay??
Dun be such a lazy dwaejee ~ XDD
I like it when u update ur Twitter ... ^^

That's all I wanna say ... ^^
Keep waiting for the surprise ~ XDD
(dun be disappointed if it's not that good =P)

Saranghae Baby Dwaejee♥♥♥

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