09 July 2010

I Will Love

Without you, I have been lonelier than before ...
Music became my usual companion everytime when I'm alone;
Whether it's slow, sad, or emotional ...
I could only express my feelings there, away from the prying eyes of people ...
I had no one to depend on.

Because of this I had to survive on my own.
Not any help from you, nor from any other human.
I won't accept it.
I could only do this on my own.
Live my life without you. And stay out of trouble.

But there is a person I could lean on ...
This one person, greater than anyone in the world.
Only He could save me from all this chaos ...
My Lord. My Savior. My Jesus.

I will learn to trust in Him whole-heartedly;
I will learn to rely on Him everytime;
I will learn to confide in Him of all my problems and stuffs;
I will learn to love Him more than I love myself;
I will learn to love Him, till the day I die in his arms;
And I will learn to love others with the love that He has provided me ...

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