21 July 2010

Basketball Match ~

Had our house games competition started from this week onwards ...
Played for my house (Red) in the basketball competition ...
Stayed back for the 1st game on Monday. ^^

ROUND #1Red vs Purple / Blue vs Yellow
Skip the competition details ... (I'm too lazy XD)
18-0, we WON!!!
Yay ~~~ XDD
On the other side, the Blue team also won ... XD

And yesterday ... ROUND #2 Red vs Green.
It was a tough match, since the Green team was well-known for their F5 players to be tall n quite skillful in basketball.
After a lot of innocent 3s n file-ing (walking, double, n others that I still dunno about), we lost the game ... XP
4-12. Aww ... ><

But it was a good match after all ... ^^
Plus, I get to know new people after this match ~ XDD
It was worth it anywayz ~ X3
And THANK GOD nobody got hurt during the match ~~~ ^^

Today they're going for another match between Green vs Blue (ROUND #3).
Hope they'll have a nice one too ... XD

Oh well, that's all for the updates ...
Gotta resume doing my homeworks or mum will start nagging again ... XP
See ya ~

Signing out n over,
Jungminnie ♥ Baby Dwaejee ~

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