29 June 2010


Woots ~
Had a FANTASTIC basketball game at skul yesterday ~
It was a BLAST!!! XDD

Well, stayed for rumah sukan after a long long time of no house practice ...
Headed to the bball court after seeing my sis on her recess time ...
Played wit the ball wit the others, since the (lazy) bola tampar teacher hadn't arrive yet ... XP
Can't believe how lucky I was to be able to shoot in 4 balls in a day ~ X3
Hahax ~

We F3 gals then played a half-court game since the other half was occupied ...
MeYun ChianXin Yi + another girl VS Alison + Wan En + Yu Hui + Zi Ying
Even though we can't beat the other team (the Powerpuff Girls + Zi Ying are super holiao ahh), but we still had fun playing ~ ^^

Later, our ketua rumah called us for a full-court match ...
And well, I was separated from my usual partner - Yun Chian ... ><
It was a great game anywayz ~
Got real tired of running around like that (n constantly hitting Zi Ying accidently ><) ...
I've got a real weak stamina ... =P

After rumah, I stayed back in skul wit Xin Yi n Mei Erl ... ^^
We went to CozyMart which is opposite of our skul ...
And we sat there, eat, talk, laugh ... XDD
Ate some chips n ice-cream ~
Shared lots of creepy stories and lame jokes ...
My personal fav is still the Malaysian Rock Eater n the Muar Chee 1 ... X3
Remind me to tell any of u guys one of them when I meet u ... XDD

Well, of coz at last all of us went back home ...
And today? My muscles are aching now ... XP
Seriously lack of exercises ... XD
Hahax ~

^ Vanilla ice-cream. X3

^ Mei Erl, Me, Xin Yi

^ Still the 3 of us ~ XD
That's all for today's update ...
Annyong for now ~ ^^

Signing out n over,

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