03 June 2010

KPOP Quizzes

KPOP Quizzes!!!
I like quizzes ~ ^^
Here's some for y'all ~ XDD

Are you a K-POP Addict?
[Like duh, or else I won't be posting these now ... X3]

Which K-POP fan group you belong?
[Of coz, I'm a Kiss Me of U Kiss, as expected. XD]

Which is your favourite FT Island member?
[I tot I was gonna get Hongki, but then it turns out to be Seunghyun. BLACKHOLE~ ♥]

Which U Kiss member belongs to you?
[Ehh ... I tot I'll get Kibum or Kiseop. Kevin??? Hahax, also 1 of my fav ~ XD]

Who is your 2PM Bunny?
[Hahax ... The old maknae Chansung ~ XD]

Which B2ST member is meant for you?
[I got Gi Kwang ~ DumbKwang la ... XDD]

What is your song in 2PM's 1st album - 1:59PM?
[I Was Crazy About You - this is mine ... XD]

How well do you know U Kiss?
[I am a real Kiss Me!!! ^^]

How well do you know Park Jaebeom?
[I am a truly amazing Hottest ... or so it says ... XDD]

What is your ideal type (K-POP guys)?
[Ehhh ... Why did I got Heechul anyways??? @@]

U Kiss (True or False)
[Of coz I'm a Kiss Me ~ XD]

If you were part of a K-POP what would be your concept?
[Colourful n Fashionable ... Hmmm ... XDD]

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