15 June 2010


One of my fav FT Island song n mv ...
Friendship ~

See the guy that's constantly jumping up n down like some mad guy?
That's Lee Hongki aka HongSTAR ... XDD

And the cute 2nd vocal?
My fav member besides Hongki - Oh Wonbin ... X3

The guy with a beanie on his head playing bass guitar?
That's our goat bassist Lee Jaejin ... ^^

And the one with short black hair n plays guitar?
Our romantic leader Choi Jonghun, aka JongShin ... XD

Last but not least, the cute n powerful drummer?
That's our aegyo maknae Choi Minhwan (Choi Chikin) ... XDD

That's FT Island ...
Well, juz before Wonbin left n Seunghyun join in ...
Still love our cute blackhole no matter what ~ X3

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