07 June 2010

Things to Do / Finish in Holidays

Okayy ... I'll come out with a plan for my holz ...

Things to Do / Finish in Holidays

Finish off Sej project
So much to do, so little time to finish ... XP

Finish reading Percy J books + the other 1 I borrowed from the library
Well, that wouldn't be hard ... The hard part would be how not to finish those before the 2nd week of holz had even started ... X3

Finish watching Cinderella's Sister
This, would be hard, since it's very hard to find the episodes w/ eng subs anywhere (esp. ep 7) ...

Learn how to sing / memorize 1 or 2 U Kiss songs
I'm starting with Not Young, maybe will proceed to Man Man Ha Ni after I finish Not Young. XD

Start doing revisions
Well, this would be going way slow ... XDD

Upload everything (photos) onto my blog
Not this blog, my other blog (which I've never touched before. XD) ...

Well ... These was everything that I could think of now ...
Hope I can at least do some of this before heading off to Port Dickson on Thursday ...
Hwaiting ~ ^^

Signing out n over,

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