27 August 2010

Random crappings

Ahh ... I'm so tired ~
I wanna SLEEP ~~~ ><
But then, not sleepy ady la ... =P

Ytd nite followed dad to his fren's house ...
OMONA ... His house is so damn BIG ...
Like, imagine that my house is 600 square ft ...
And his is 6000 square ft!!! 10 times my house!!!
I was like 'OHMYGDRAGON-ing' when I go round his house ...
The whole floor of the building is his house ahh ... O_O

Anywayz, that's not the main point ... =P
The fact is, we went there for some business (well, my dad is) ...
Me n my sis went to his 'mini cinema' n watched LeeHom's 盖世英雄 concert DVD while the adults chit-chatted outside (the air-cond is damn cold XP) ...

And we stayed until 2am ... So late ~
And woke up in 9am this morning ... ><
Went to my gran's place at Alor Setar when my dad need to go to Perlis for something ...
It's FREAKING HOT there!!! XP
I practically tortured myself by wearing jeans and a black T then ... =PP

Hmm ... Shouldn't I be studying instead of online-ing rite now??
Heck, exam's NEXT MONDAY!!! ><

Well, guess I'll go off sooner or later ... =P
Ja ne ~

Lots of love,

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