28 August 2010

♥ Facts about U-KISS ♥

♫ Facts about U-KISS ♫

U-KISS (유키스) is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008.

Lee Kiseop is the last member who joined U-KISS which is before Man Man Ha Ni is promoted.

♫ The members include --

Alexander Lee Eusebio

Shin Soohyun

Kim Kibum

Lee Kiseop

Elison Kim

Kevin Woo

Shin Dongho

♫ What is U-KISS?
It stands for --

U biquitous
K orean
 I nternational (Idol)
S uper
S tar

♫ U-Kiss debuted in Japan on August 15, 2008 at the Power of Atamix alongside SS501 & Paran.

♫ After their debut, they starred in variety shows such as All About U-Kiss, You Know U-Kiss and in 2010, U-Kiss Vampire and Chef Kiss.

♫ They also take the role as solo entertainers -- acting in various dramas n musicals, hosting various reality-variety shows, and becoming hosts n MCs in various radio show n programmes.

♫ U-KISS's fans are called KISSMEs.

♫ The individual's fans are called --

Xander's are Xanderettes.
Soohyun's are SooHyunnies.
Kibum's are Kibumsters.
Kiseop's are Kiseopians.
Eli's are Elisoniacs.
Kevin's are Kevinias.
Dongho's are Dongholics.

♫ The boys' type of girl are --

Xander's -- Girls with curly hair, original brown eyes, loving, understands him, simple and similar attitude as his.
Soohyun's -- As romantic as him, would love to be with him no matter what, girl should be shorter than him.
Kibum's -- Girls who can pack food for him, would accept his attitude, loving and caring, would always be there for him.
Kiseop's -- Girl with long hair, short in height, same attitude as his, loves to read books and would take good care of him.
Eli's -- Loving and caring, sweet, simple, not a "trying hard" and always being herself.
Kevin's -- Girls with soft hands, who can carry him [take it as a joke], who would not hurt his feelings, older than him.
Dongho's -- Will never leave him, will never hurt him, caring, loving, sweet, as adorable as him and older than him.

U-KISS 2nd Anniversary
U-KISS 2 yrs of hard works w/ blood sweat tears
KISSME 2 yrs of supprt w/ love loyalty patience

Once again, Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to U-KISS ~
May God bless your life everyday ~ ^^
Love ya♥

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Koi said...

Ur music really changed my life thank u and I always exited to here ur new songs. I believe in u :)