21 May 2010

U Kiss

Woots ~
Had been super-obsessed with U Kiss lately ... ^^
(Where had FT Island gone to??? *opps~* XP)

Anywayz ~
U Kiss had been a 6-member boy band before somewhere near 2009 ...
But then there were the announcement of their 7th member, Kiseop ~~~ Yay!!! XD

Had been watching their variety shows, reality shows n stuffs ...
You Know U Kiss, All About U Kiss and U Kiss Vampire ~
Well, I first watched U Kiss Vampire without knowing that they had the other 2 older shows ... XP
Oh well ~ XDD
U Kiss Vampire talks about blood types and the ways they do, the reactions they made, the decisions they choose n stuffs like that ...
Supersupernice ~~~ X3

You Know U Kiss is mostly about their dance practises, vocal practises, visit to houses n stuffs ...
Too bad at that time Kiseop hadn't join U Kiss yet ... T^T
Well, I got to see the others anywayz ~ ^^

I juz watch All About U Kiss for now ...
Well, the title says it all ... XDD
Still, no Kiseop here ...
But I'm starting to fall for Kevin n Kibum now ... XD
Kemaru (Kevin + Kibum) LOVE ~~~ X3
Oh, and Ki brothers (Kibum + Kiseop) too ~~~ XD

U Kiss


Name : Alexander Lee Eusebio
Stage Name : Alexander / Xander
Birthday : July 29, 1988
Blood Type : O
Talents : Speaks 7 languages (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese, Portuguese, Spanish), Rapping
Facts : He can speak 7 different languages. He's half-Korean, a quarter-Hongkie & a quarter-Portuguese.


Name : Shin SooHyun
Stage Name : SooHyun
Birthday : March 11, 1989
Blood Type : A
Talents : R&B, Dance, Piano, Soccer, Singing
Facts : He's the Power Vocal of U Kiss (PoVo, as he had said himself)


Name : Kim KiBum
Stage Name : KiBum
Birthday : December 29, 1990
Blood Type : O
Talents : Composing music, Poppin’ dance, Japanese, Piano, Singing
Facts : The younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun. He’s a former member of Xing.


Name : Lee KiSeop
Stage Name : KiSeop
Birthday : January 17, 1991
Blood Type : A
Talents : Taekwondo, Dance, Acting, Piano
Facts : He's the rookie member of U Kiss.


Name : Kim KyongJae
Stage Name : Eli
Birthday : March 13, 1991
Blood Type : O
Talents : Taekwondo, Kung Fu, English, Chinese, Rap
Facts : He lived in Washington DC so he’s very fluent in English. He then moved to Beijing to study so he also can communicate in Mandarin.


Name : Woo SungHyun
Stage Name : Kevin
Birthday : November 25, 1991
Blood Type : O
Talents : Poppin’ dance, Guitar, Piano, English, Singing
Facts : He lived in California so he’s also fluent in English. Along with KiBum, he is also a former member of Xing.


Name : Shin DongHo
Stage Name : DongHo
Birthday : June 29, 1994
Blood Type : B
Talents : Golf, Drums, Chinese, Soccer
Facts : He studied in Beijing so he could communicate in Mandarin. He is the maknae (youngest) of the group. For his age, he has a very deep voice.

Signing out n over,

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