02 May 2010

WGC Career Day 2010

Went to TOG for their Career Day ...
Everyone's wearing school uniform today ~
Mix n Match till so nice ~ XDD

It was fun today ...
Since I went there like 1 n a half hour earlier ...
Then I get to curi tangkap tiok everyone ...
Hahax ~ XDD

Spent my entire afternoon there ...
Like to take pics of everyone ~ [especially when they're not aware of it. XD]
Today was fun!!! X3

And the best thing was ...
A handmade birthday present ~
From my Angel !!! XD
Yay ~
I supersuper LOVE it ~~~ X3
Thank you Li ~ *hugs*
Really really like it ...
Will treasure it alwayz ~ X3
*more hugs again*

^ The envelope ... Cute rite?? X3

^ My present!!! It's so special n meaningful ~ ^^

Mmm ... Today so happy ~~~
Dunno can sleep or not ... XD
Today's photos are all up on FB's album ler ...
Tag ppl till pening ahh ... ><
Hahax ~ XD

Signing out n over,

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