14 April 2010

Nan Yeodongsaeng

Juz a recap for 11/4/2010 ...
Not really a special day ... XD

Well anywayz ...
Went out for dinner wit my families n cousins ...
My family, Emma's family, another cousin's family, my grandma n Emma's grandma ...
It's was quite a nice small family reunion dinner ... ^^

Later on, we went to Paradise Hotel (somewhere near Batu Feringghi) to find our aunt n cousins that came down from Kedah ...
The adults sat in the room chatting, while me n my sis got real bored waiting in the living room ...
So ... We took some real random snapshots there ... XD

Photographers : Me (Jungmin), My sis (Jiyul)

^ In the washroom ... XD
Photo by : Jungmin

^ A real random pic of me sleeping that my sis kept saying it's nice ... XP
Photo by : Jiyul

^ My sis' Omona pose ~ XD
Photo by : Jungmin

^ Me imitating Minhwan's peace sign ... (Sis' idea)
Photo by : Jiyul

^ The *glares* + wat-are-you-looking-at pic ... XD
Photo by : Jiyul

^ Cool? XD
(See her hair?? Nice?? I did that ... XD)
Photo by : Jungmin

^ A pose requested by me n she juz did it perfectly ~ X3
Photo by : Jungmin

^ Chibi Jin's sexy lips!! XD
Your eyes are important to you ... See??
Photo by : Jungmin

Then the next day ...

^ Still taking photos ... Addicted ah ... XD
Photo by : Jungmin

^ A somewhat weird photo, coz taken inside a moving car ...
Still like it anywayz ... XD
Photo by : Jungmin

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