01 April 2010

April Fools' Day 2010

Woots ~
Today's April the 1st ...
April Fools' Day ~ XD

I got fooled twice today ... LOL.
Phoebe told our class that we're going to get our injections later at 11.30am.
I was like, 'WHAT??!'
Then she juz go like, "APRIL FOOLS!!! Hahahahaha ..."
Well, someone juz say it's fake before she shouted ... XD

And Li texted me to say that he had to go to Singapore for a conference ...
I believed him ...
And it turns out I kena tricked again ... LOL. XD
ROFL ~ Really wanna laugh my head out ... XDD

I didn't trick anyone ... yet.
Earlier planned to trick Li, but since he tricked me already, then he would surely noe it's fake de ...
Oh well ... I'll try harder next time ... XD

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