29 April 2010

My Angel

Kyaa ~
Can't wait for Sunday to come ~~~
Is feeling excited, anxious, nervous, watever words u could use to describe ... ^^
Coz I gotta go meet my ANGEL ~~~ X3
Yayy ~ XDDD

Really really really can't wait for that day to come ... X3
Is going to bring my cam there n take many many photos, I hope ...
I wouldn't dare to even think of taking photos with them though ...
Coz sometime I would juz had this feeling that, I can't mix wit them de ... except Qin n my GA ... XD
Well ... Juz wanna have fun there ~ ^^

Oh oh oh ... And ...
Gonna giv the necklace to my GA ~
Or shud I juz wait for another time??
Since I was like alwayz giving him things for no special reason de ...
Won't it be weird?? @@?
Anywayz ~ The necklace would definitely be given to him ...
Hope to see him wear that someday ... 바래요 ~ ^^

Signing out n over,

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