10 April 2010

Sports Day 'tradegy'

Is doing my calligraphy writings now ...
Mmm ... So far so good ... ^^
Hope I won't screw the rest up ... XP

Sports' Day has ended today ...
What a day! XD
Woke up finding that I'd lost my voice ... (probably ate something I'm not supposed to eat ytd. XP)
No use panicking ... So juz pray to the Lord to help me ...
God answered my prayers ... ^^
By the time I'm bathing, my voice came back a bit! (Praise the Lord ~)

Well ... I said that I'm involved in marching rite??
At 1st I'll be standing at the last row of the march ...
And suddenly Shu Mei juz drag me out from my place n put me at the 4th row ...
Omona ... ><
Then I shouted like crazy juz to keep their speed down ...
It's too freaking faz!!!
But nobody follows anyway ... XP
I juz end up losing my voice again ... -_-''
That's too bad ... XP

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