16 March 2010

Random Day

First thing ...
I'm supposed to be studying rite now ...
Hahax ... XD

Well ... I promised my mum that I would start study ytd if she let me go GP wit my frenz laz Sunday..
She did ... (Yay!)
We're supposed to watch Alice in Wonderland then ...
But ... No tickets ... T^T
So ... spent 2 hours waiting for them to finish shopping ... (well, I dun shop) XP
Emma went gai gai wit his 'girl frenz' ... (and left the 4 of us girls to shop alone)
And he came back to us at dinner time ... LOL.

But the happiest thing had happened on Sunday ...
My GA received my lil gift ... He appriciate that ... ^^
Yorokobu ne ~ X3
Well, I'm glad he's happy ... ^^

Li, dun be so upset kay??
U could do wit a real good rest now ... ^^
If can, try n put down all those heavy stuffs off ur sholders kay?
I'll always support u no matter what happened ... ^^
Hwaiting ne ~ XD

"No no, stop thinking about. No no, your serious face now. Let's go find something happy to do ..."
[FTI - Friendship]

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