24 January 2010

Totally RANDOM

Woots ~
It's already Sunday ~
And 2moro's gonna wake up early to school again ... ><
Lolx ...

I'm already going near the end of the book 'The Circle of Stone' ...
Hmm ... 2moro's gonna return both 'Forever Summer' n 'The Circle of Stone' back 2 the library ...
It's great that our skul finally allows students to borrow 2 books at a time ~
Hope that I'll be able to borrow some good stuffs then ~ X3

Gonna watch 'Good Daddy Show' on Youtube later ...
Can't wait for Hongki's appearance along wit his BFF Heechul ...
Kyaa ~ XDD

Is still waiting for you to show up now ... ^^
Even though I could guess that you've forgotten what you've said juz now ... ^^
It's okay ~ X3

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