19 January 2010

To ... ^^

Today's another day again ...
Was thinking why did so many things happened recently ...
And it's not even a month yet!!!
Haiz ...

Someone fell sick again ... ><
Li ah, u really nid 2 take care of urself ah ...
Or else I'll be nagging like ur mum d ... XP
I dun wanna b a mum at such young age ... XDD

Really really nid 2 take care ...
Coz I'm not there 2 take care of u ... (dun care me perasan. XD)
I noe recently happened quite a lot of stuff ...
Be strong kay???
If u fall, I'll be ur tiang n support u ~ (though I also dun quite understand wat I'm saying. XD)
Then if we 2 fall, we still hav God rite???
So dun worry to much n RELAX ~ ^^

Aza aza HWAITING!!! XD

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