04 January 2010

1st Day of F3 School Life

Skul starts 2day ...
Gotta wake up early now ... So sleepy ... T^T
Bt then luckily the teachers din teach anything 2day ...
Free of homework ~ X3

Went back home feeling (somehow) refreshed ... -_-''
Thn I cleaned my pc desk, which I never touched for like, dunno how long ... XD
It's practically nice n tidy now ~ *beams wit smile* XD
Bt would most probably back to the old look in a few weeks' time ... -_-''
Haiz ...

Later, I went to fetch Jiyul at her new skul (my current skul) ...
Then I never saw her came out ... -_-''
There's too many ppl at the corridor there ...
Plus it's raining ... ><
Hahax ~ XD

N now making something for someone ...
Though is nt going to giv it to him yet ... X3
Let him wait till Dec la ...
Hahahahaha ... XD

Well, gotta sign off now b4 my parents come back ... ^^
2moro's another day to go ~ X3

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