02 January 2010

2PM = From 'beasts' to 'zombies'???

I was juz doing my things when my sis came across with this video ...

2PM's Heartbeat live performance at SBS Gayo Daejun 2009

That was totally AWESOME!!!
Especially the intro part ... BLAST!!! XD
It was SO COOL ~

Wooyoung n Junsu seemed cute while doing their part ... ^^
Khun is juz like a prince sleeping peacefully on his bed ~ X3
Taec's expression was so real and so cool ~ XD
Junho is also a cutie too ... ^^
And of coz, Chansung is the coolest inside ~ X3
He looked like he controled the whole '2PM zombie group' ...
Since he is the 1st one who opened his eyes ... ^^

This was simply the BEST!!! XD

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