01 January 2010

New Year !!!

Woot ~ It's year 2010 now !!!
Time passes so swiftly ... Kya ~
I'm gonna be 15 in a few days' time, and OFFICIALLY 15 in another 5 months' time ...
Aish ... Dun forget bout PMR ... -_-''

I think I'm gonna hav a hard time studying the next year's classes ...
Coz ... I can't really memorize anything ...
Well, except lyrics of coz ... X3
But really, who would convert the whole Sejarah chapter into a rap lyric or whatever juz to memorize it?!
Definitely not me though ... XD

Kya ~ It's 2:51 AM now and I'm hungry ~
Gonna get down to eat and sleep later ...
Wouldn't want to be a panda anyways ... XD

Well, Happy New Year minna-sama ~
Good luck and gambateh-masu ~ XD

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