14 January 2010

Random ~ XD

Hmm ... Seems like no one's visiting my blog now ...
No one comments on my Cbox de ...
Only got Li nia ... Then he's also missing d ... @.@???
So bad ... ><

Happy ~
Coz Emma's gonna bring me go 2 his skul on Sat ~~~
Hope tat my parents will allow luu ... ^^
Never been into CLHS b4 ... X3
Heard Joel said that he lost his way there back when he's in F1 ...
I dun believe tat luu ... XP

Seow Ling also said tat she'd almost lost her way at PCGHS when she's in 1st year ...
But when it's my turn ... I didn't get lost there also ... ^^
Coz I got a PCGPS fren 2 bring me walk the whole school for like, 4 - 5 rounds on the 1st few days ... Lolx ... (we hav plenty of time then) -_-''

Woot ~ 2moro's Friday ~
So fast ~~~
Happy luu ~ ^^
The 1st Friday I'm going 2 spent at skul on year 2010 ... (coz last Fri I din attend skul) ^^
Though it means I'm gonna do my duty then ... Wiping windows ... -_-''
Coz Ali (Not Li, okay??? XD) wanna wipe d windows, then if I pick clean blackboard also muz clean d rubbish bin ... ><
So maa teman her wipe windows luu ...
Well, never mind that ... XD

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