17 January 2010

Kiyeopda ~

Was sms-ing Li again ... ^^
Told him he was too cute to be my dog ... (since I like dogs big n fluffy, definitely NOT those chihuahua type. -_-'')
He replied me, I where got cute??? Giv me proof ... XD
I told him tat he looked cute when he sang + played the keyboard ytd ...
So serious ~ X3
And he was like, serious = CUTE?????

Hahax ... Told ya my taste on boys was weird ...
I juz like to say them cute ... ^^
Ppl say handsome 1 I only say okay ...
Like Jaebeom (Jay), my sis kept saying that he is handsome ...
But I juz shook my head n say, 'Small eyes.'
Jay was juz so NOT my taste ... I liked Chansung better ... XD

Anyways, back to the previous topic ...
I said he was cute, and he was so happy then ... (Rite??? XDD)
As long as he's happy, then I'm good ~
Since he sounded SO gloomy juz now ...
I was so worried bout him ... ><

And guess what???
I'd not broken my promise today ~
I did not get angry at him ... ^^
Will try hard to keep with the promise ...
Hopefully it would last till forever ...
Then I won't be angry at him till forever ... XDD

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