11 February 2010

Woots ~ ^^

Juz came back from Sci tuition ...
Teacher gave each of us a lollipop ...
I got the last grape-flavoured one ~
Happy happy ~ ^^

Even more happy when I've found out that my frenz would be coming 2moro ~
A few of them, but still!!! XD
Kelly's coming ... Haven't seen her since we went into different skuls ... X3
Hope we'll still be like last times ... ^^
Adrian too ... I think ... I hope ...
And this time I'm gonna show him that Emma is really my cousin, not my boyfriend ... LOL.
Invited WQ too ... Also hope she'll be coming ... ^^
My GA's going to come too ... But he didn't sound eager to ... ><
Haiz ... T^T

Anyways, can't wait for 2moro ~
I think my mind won't be in the skul luu ... XDD
Will be going to church at probably 3pm ...
And I got my permission from Mom to 'do' my hair ~ X3
That's something I can't do last Christmas (coz of some reason. XP) ...
Really really hope that it'll be a success then ... ^^

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