08 February 2010

CNY Countdown [6 Days]

Another day had passed ...
4 days more till 'Gong Xi Love Lai' ~
6 days more till CNY ~
Kya ~ ><

Hope everything will go well on that nite ...
I wan it to be as perfect as possible ... (though there's nothing in this world is perfect)
Will any of my blog readers come???
Li? Qin? The rest of WGCs???
Barae ne [I hope so] ~ X3

Ah ... CNY ... ^^
It feels good have a long (okay, not-so-long) holiday break after such a hectic school life ~ XD
Can't wait for the holz ~

I sure hope that I won't fall sick on the CNY period ...
That would be TORTURE ... ><
Coz I wanna eat ... Hahax ~ X3

I wouldn't wan my frenz to be sick too ...
So Li ah, get well soon kay???
Take care of urself more since it's near CNY ...
The weather gets hotter n drier ... Drink more water ... ^^
Hope I won't sound like ur mother ... Hahax ~ XDD

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