27 February 2010


Happy ~~~ Even though in the morning we had to stand under the hot sun in the field playing games ...
But now, it's a different feeling ~
Coz I hav all my frenz wit me ~~~ X3
And of coz ... my GA ~ ^^

Finally fin my drawings le ...
And finally upload to FB d ... ^^
Hahax ~
Still got many comments ah ... X3
Happy ~ ^^

It consist of 10 characters :
Daydreamer - Jungmin (me)
Guardian Angel - Jieli (YeungJun)
Leader - Kelly (my BFF)
Prefect - Jan (Janice Ng)
King - Wilson (Mr Water Wil)
Ok Cat - Jiyul (my sis)
Hardworker - Eunice (TurtleNice)
Sleeper - Xinyi (Xinyi Tan)
Eating Machine - Yun Sing (Choo Yun Sing)
GameKyu - Josh (Joshua Lim)

Hahax ~
This is the edited ver. of 'FRENZ' ...
Since I 4got to put my name inside ... Thx Li ... ^^
He still say use pc is more tidy, if the pc is 100%, then my writing is 99% ...
Aww ... That's sweet ~ X3

I'll put that drawing into my file from now on ...
So that I would remember all my besties wherever I go ... ^^
I LOVE everyone in the pic ... Frenz 4ever ~ XDD

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