01 August 2010

Bye July, Hello AUGUST ~

It's already AUGUST in a blink of time ...
Gonna be buzy buzy buzy this month ...
Anniversary & Farewell, trial exam, blah blah blah ...
Soooo sienz ... =PP

Ahhh ...
Not to forget ...
2 more months left till Perang Mati Remaja ... ><
무엇을 할 수 있습니까???
Haiz ... XP

But no worries ~
August would still be a happy month for me ~~~
Coz U-Kiss is gonna release their 'Mworago' MV during the 1st week of August ~ *finally!* XDD
Besides ... Their comeback will also be on the 23rd of August!!!
Is anticipating their new album now ... XDD
Plus, 5 of them (Kiseop, Kibum, Kevin, Dongho, Soohyun) are going to participate in a drama 'I Am Legend' which will be aired on 2nd of September ~~~ X33 (I noe that's ntg to do wit August but it counts anywayz~)

Looks like I'm gonna spend my time wasted on the pc again this month ... XPP
Well, I hope not THAT much anymore, since I wouldn't wanna fail on my exams ... ><
Anywayz ... Hope to be happy every single day ~ ^^

I miss my Baby Dwaejee♥

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