01 October 2009

Big *Bang!*

Lately, I was listening to Big Bang's songs ...
That doesn't make sense, rite?
Me, a former Cassiopeia, now a Primadonna ...
Is trying to change to a VIP???
Impossible ~

I can still remember how I hate BB when I was still a Cassie ... (No offence!)
I dislike them for their clothing style, their singing style, their everything ... (Again, no offence!)
The 1 thing I blame them for is the time they won the Best Male Group award back at I-dunno-when, they made DBSK's leader Jung Yunho (back then I was his fans) cried secretly in the toilet for not winning the award.
(I noe it's kind of stupid for me to hate them for this reason ... So, I'm sorry, BB n their VIPs.)

But now I can't deny their music ...
It's AWESOME !!!
Okay, maybe not as good as my FT Island ...
But still!

Now I'm quite addicted to a few of their songs ...
G Dragon - Heartbreaker, Breathe
Seungri - Strong Baby
Taeyang - Look at me
I can't stop listening to it ~

Well, I'm NOT betraying my FT Island ...
Who says I can't listen to other song while being a Pri?
There's no such rules rite? XD

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