08 May 2009

A trip to Thailand (3)

( ... continued)

4get 2 tell u, my dad's 'another group of frenz' actually drove Lotus ...
No kidding, sports car LOTUS !!!
Cool ~
But my dad had 2 speed up our poor Toyota Rush to keep up wit them.
Even Proton Exora (see below) was also far ahead of us!
We had to switch places in order to follow the Lotus carz.
Hahax ...
Super-cool Lotus carz!
Proton's new car - Proton Exora

A black Lotus when refilling the petrol. The 1 wit a small arrow above is my dad ~

After the adventurous day,
The 3rd day was much more relaxing ...
After some shopping at some malls,
We went back by lunchtime.
And guess what?
We arrived at home at 9 p.m !!!
Gosh ... Wat a long journey!


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