11 April 2009

Choral Speaking competition

I've joined the Choral Speaking team again ...
After a few months of training,
(more like a few months of playing though ...)

We went for the competition at the 7th of April, which is last Tuesday.
It's in our school though ... So we didn't get a chance to ride on a bus ...
But still, we had our benefits ...
After the 1st section of the competition, we were supposed to return back to our class ...
But somehow we managed to stay for the 2nd section by begging to ...
We were told to have a rest and went back to the hall by 4pm.
So ... We have a 40 min break at the canteen.

Later after hanging outside my fren's class, I took my bag and went back to the hall.
And found that it was already half full wit students from other schools ...
We sat at our place and listened for the rest of the competition.

While waiting for the results, I played Truth or Dare wit some F4 frenz and another F2 fren ...
The bottle pointed at me, and I picked to answer Truth.
They asked me whether I've had my first kiss, then changed to 'How many times have you dated?'
I said no, coz that's the truth.
And luckily, they're ok with my answer.

And ... Time for the results!
The 1st place goes to ... Not us!
Oh well ... We only get the 3rd place though ...
Bt it's a quite-happy-ending for us ~
PCGHS hwaiting ~ ^^

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